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    Formula One™ Hungarian Grand Prix.

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Formula One™ Hungarian Grand Prix.

Location: Budapest

Date: 08/02/–08/04/​2019

Country: Hungary

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The first Hungarian Grand Prix was held in 1936 on a five kilometre track laid out in Népliget: a park in Budapest. However, political influences and the ensuing war brought about an absence of Grand Prix racing in the country for a period of fifty years. The track opened in 1986 and held its first Formula One event in August that year. It would prove a huge success, with almost 200,000 fans turning out for the race which continues to be a popular feature of the calendar.

  • Grand Prix in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest
  • The track offers a gratifying mix of slow and high-speed turns
  • Qualifying can be decisive for success



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