The Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé on the road in Zurich.

48 hours in Zurich.

Pleasure meets creativity and exclusive lifestyle: an exploration tour of the Swiss banking metropolis Zurich in the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé.

Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé:

Fuel consumptions combined: 11.9 l/100 km;

CO₂ emissions combined: 279 g/km.*

A cake shop in the Zurich old town.

Around 9 in the morning in Zurich.

We reach Zurich at around 9 in the morning in the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé. We park the car. The impressive acoustic backdrop of the AMG twin-turbo V12 engine that has discreetly accompanied us all the way to Zurich gives way to another sound: that of our rumbling tummies. As luck would have it we have arrived just in time for “Znüni”, the Swiss German name for the first snack after breakfast. The smell of freshly-baked “Zöpfli” wafts through the little streets of Zurich old town. We decide to dig in, too, and buy ourselves some of the salty “Hefezopf” (plaited yeast buns) and enjoy this along with a little bit of butter or a “Gipfeli” (croissant) and a “Kafi” (coffee).The best “Zopf” or yeast buns are to be had at the bakery Stocker Bäckerei. On Sundays, the “Caredda” is a favourite meeting point because apart from a good “Zopf” you can also get various Italian pastries here, such as “Sfogliatelle”. After this refreshment we continue our stroll through the narrow streets of the old town. There is not a trace of the cosmopolitan and international financial power city here. Quite the opposite: the clocks really do seem to tick quite a bit slower. Perhaps it is on account of the close proximity to the Alps. Or maybe it’s because of Lake Zurich so close by, which relaxes the city so pleasantly.

Industrial flair - contemporary art.

Following our refreshment stop, our first port of call is the furniture store “Walter Vintage Möbel & Accessoires”. This chic furniture store is located in District 5 in Zurich. Background information: the Swiss banking metropolis is divided into a total of twelve districts that are arranged in a clockwise direction around the old town (District 1). “Walter Vintage Möbel & Accessoires” has been known for its industrial flair and also for contemporary art for quite some time now. Those looking for the latest home furnishing trends will find the doors to a small chamber of treasures here.

The showroom Walter Vintage Möbel & Accessoires in Zürich.

Be it a chair, shelf or dining table, you will find everything here – we just about manage to avoid the temptation to buy two armchairs. Instead, we continue our stroll because there are lots of other shops awaiting us in the neighbourhood.

Tray bakes and creative hotspots.

Just a short while later we are on the shopping mile. Named “Im Viadukt”, it presents numerous opportunities to empty our wallets but apart from this it chiefly offers one thing: creativity. Colourful variety and creative design ideas enliven the streets and turn the stroll through the city into quite an experience. In the meantime tummies start to grumble once again, and even though the market hall practically right next to us is filled with good restaurants, we decide to have lunch in Restaurant “Hiltl” in the old town of Zurich. It’s not just the books that seem to float on the walls, the dark vintage chairs or the majestic sofas in the restaurant that make it something special – most of all it’s the purely vegetarian fare that the restaurant has served since 1898 that impresses customers time and again. Our tip: the extremely delicious and of course vegetarian Hiltl tartare.

The Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé on the road in Zurich.

Those who want to eat lunch like a real Zurich native, however, should get a sweet or savoury tray bake, the so-called 'Wähe', or the best bratwurst Zurich has to offer at the “Vorderen Sternen” eatery, and sit down by the banks of Lake Zurich to enjoy their lunch. Here we conclude the first day in a relaxed atmosphere.

Café Sprüngli in the city of Zurich.

Culture meets coffee.

A city trip without any cultural highlights? Inconceivable! Therefore on the second day we will first of all pay a visit to Museum Bellerive. Many exhibitions take place throughout the year here which marvel visitors. Numerous sculptures, paintings and arty photographs bring this museum to life. Time just flies by here – a glance at the watch tells us that it’s already 4 pm. Time for “Zvieri”, which means a small afternoon snack. Traditionally in Switzerland this consists of fruit for the children and a coffee for the adults. The best time, then, to make a detour to “Café Sprüngli” in the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé, even if this is more of a tourist hotspot. But everyone should have at least tried a piece of cake in this first-class patisserie and confectionery.

Goodbye, Zurich!

Around 5 pm we do the same as every other Zurich native after work: we sit ourselves down on the banks of the river Limmat. Here you can enjoy the beautiful weather and people watch. We are slowly coming to the end of our 48 hours in Zurich, we still have time for a non-alcoholic drink in the “Kronenhalle” – a restaurant with an adjacent bar. The bar is a secret tip, which unfortunately is not much of a secret any more, probably on account of the consistently high quality of the drinks and cocktails. The “Kronenhalle” is a mixture of a gentlemen’s club and chic restaurant full of atmosphere. We bring our “Tour de Zurich” to a close in this stylish ambience.

The Kronenhalle in Zurich is a mixture of a gentlemen’s club and chic restaurant full of atmosphere.

Even though we really enjoyed our two days here, it's still not that difficult to say goodbye because the Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé awaits us in the car park.

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