Arctic Experience.

Arctic Experience.

Location: Sweden, Finland

Days: 7

Vehicle: provided

Price:  from 4.680,00 Euro


Conditions for participation (PDF)


  • LumiLinna Snow Castle
  • Driver training in Sorsele
  • Snowmobil Tour
  • Ice-Cart-Challenge
  • trip on the icebreaker “Sampo”

The routes, hotels and program items are subject to change, in which case equivalent alternatives will be available. No refund can be made for program events not attended. The provided vehicles are fully comprehensively insured with a deductible of 1.000,00 Euro.

Arctic Experience.

On our Arctic Experience in March 2016, we combine the fascinating allure of the polar region with a winter driving course designed especially for G, GL, M, GLK and GLA-Class vehicles. The first journey (6 to 12 March 2016) from Sweden to Luosto, via Kemi and Rovaniemi, takes in some 600 kilometres of snow-covered roads.

The adventure begins with a one-day driver training with experienced instructors out on the frozen lake in Sorsele with SUVs, the G-Classe and in Mercedes-Benz C-Classes fitted with studded tyres. The next day, the tour takes you out into the Arctic winter in the off-road cars provided. This adventure-packed seven-day trip includes a day on an icebreaker, snowmobile rides, dog and reindeer sledding, and even a visit to Father Christmas in the Arctic Circle. In Kemi a snowmobile ride is followed by a trip across the frozen waters of the Gulf of Bothnia, where we climb aboard the icebreaker Sampo.

After dinner in the LumiLinna Snow Castle and a second night’s stay in the harbour town of Kemi, the tour continues along snow-covered back roads through Rovaniemi and on to Luosto. En route, you’ll visit the Arktikum museum for an impression of just how tough life is at the top of the northern hemisphere. A place where bears have been known to peer through the kitchen window of remote cabins in winter, and Arctic foxes leave their footprints in the fresh snow outside lodges. The second stop on the journey is to see Father Christmas, who calls the Arctic Circle home and who answers the letters of over 700,000 children from all over the world each and every year.

Your driving skills are put to the test not only on the wintry roads, but also on the ice-karting circuit later that afternoon. And again on a one-day snowmobile tour through snow-laden woods. Your reward – two evenings in front of a roaring fire in a log cabin with a private sauna.

No trip to the Arctic Circle would be complete without a ride on a sleigh pulled by dogs or reindeer. It's as much a part of the experience as the magical snow-covered forests, the icicles hanging outside the windows, the picture-book fern frost and the snow crunching beneath your feet. Provided, that is, the weather gods are on our side. But where could be better than the Arctic Circle for a proper winter? During the course of the tour, we'll be staying in hotels as well as two nights in cosy lodges with a private sauna. Breakfast, dinner and some lunches are included in the price. On arrival, we'll provide you with a G, GL, M, GLK or GLA-Class. All vehicles are fitted with winter tyres. All you need to do is bring your luggage.

Weather warning: temperatures in the Arctic Circle can drop to minus 30° Celsius or below. But because the cold is absolutely 'dry', these temperatures do not feel as uncomfortable as say minus 3º Celsius in mainland Europe. Nevertheless, warm clothes and appropriate footwear are essential. For driving snowmobiles and for other activities, every participant will be given a special thermal suit on arrival. The rest of the time, standard winter clothing will be sufficient.

The second journey (16 to 22 March 2016) leads on the same route from Finland to Sweden.

Please note that currently no slots are available for the journey from 03/06/ to 03/12/2016.

Route & program.

Day 1: participants fly to Arvidsjaur in Sweden (via Stockholm). Dinner and overnight accommodation in the River Hotel in Sorsele.

Day 2: one-day special driver training. Half-day in G, GL, M, GLK and GLA-Class vehicles, half-day in cars fitted with studded tyres, driving on the ice tracks of a frozen lake prepared specially for the Mercedes-Benz Driving Events. Dinner and overnight accommodation in the River Hotel in Sorsele.

Day 3: drive to Kemi in Finland along roughly 400 kilometres of wintry roads. Dinner and overnight accommodation in the Cumulus Hotel.

Day 4: we drive snowmobiles across the frozen sea to an offshore meeting point where we all climb aboard the icebreaker Sampo. In the evening, it's back on to the snowmobiles to return to the hotel in Kemi. Dinner is served in the LumiLinna Snow Castle. Overnight accommodation in the Cumulus Hotel.

Day 5: we drive some 250 kilometres on wintry roads to Luosto, stopping along the way at the Arktikum museum, to meet Father Christmas and to complete an afternoon ice-karting challenge. Overnight accommodation in log cabins with open fire and private sauna.

Day 6: full day of riding snowmobiles and dog sleds through the snow-covered forests. Overnight accommodation in log cabins with open fire and private sauna.

Day 7: morning drive back to Rovaniemi (approx. 120 kilometres). Participants fly home independently.

16 to 22 March (from Rovaniemi to Sorsele)


The price includes:

  • six nights’ accommodation
  • breakfasts, dinners and three lunches/one lunch in the woods
  • soft drinks at mealtimes
  • special driver training session with expert instructors
  • riding snowmobiles, dog sleds and reindeer sleighs
  • the day trip on the icebreaker Sampo
  • the costs for the supplied G-Klassen, GLS-, GLE-, GLA- and GLC- SUVs* including fuel (two drivers per vehicle)
  • support from the organisational team
  • travel insurance for cancellation and medical expenses (for participants resident in Germany)

The Price does not include:

  • mini-bar and telephone costs in the hotels
  • alcoholic drinks at mealtimes
  • any extra costs not listed, such as additional sports activities and return flight to Arvidsjaur/Rovaniemi

Flights are not included in the price of the tour. Low-cost return flights to Arvidsjaur in Sweden or Rovaniemi in Finland are available from many airports in Germany or by booking online. We do however advise that you book these flights well in advance, because only a limited number of spaces are available. Please arrive in Sweden/Finland in the afternoon on day one of the tour and book your return flight from Rovaniemi/Arvidsjaur for no earlier than 12 noon on the final day of the tour.

Please do not book flights until we have sent you written confirmation that you will be participating in the tour.

Organiser: Tufa GmbH, Gewerbestraße 10a, 78345 Moos



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