Dunes and Sea Experience: G-Glass at the beach in Oman.

Dunes and Sea Experience 2017.

Dunes and Sea Experience 2017.

Location: Oman

Days: 6 or 8

Vehicle: G-Class is provided

Price: from 7.985,00 Euro

 Conditions for participation (PDF)


  • Muscat
  • Rub’ Al Khali dessert
  • Salma Plateau
  • Kibaykib Al Jaylah Tombs
  • Majlis Al Jinn

Bizarre mountain landscapes, beaches and endless deserts make a tour through the Sultanate of Oman an experience unlike any other. And promises a motoring adventure to remember. Oman is a feast for the senses, its natural beauty a balm for the soul, its roads and tracks a challenge for both driver and vehicle. Participants of the six-day or eight-day tour will discover all this and more on their journey through the Sultanate in November and December 2017.

Dunes and Sea Experience: G-Class in the desert.
Dunes and Sea Experience: G-Class in the mountains.


The start and end point of this fly-and-drive tour, where the G-Class is provided, is Muscat. Although some 1.5 million people live in Oman’s capital, it does not have the feel of a metropolis. This is partly due to the height restrictions on buildings, which are not allowed to have more than twelve storeys, but also simply because the pace of life just seems to be slower in Oman, which has none of the hustle and bustle typical of big cities. It is quite unlike Dubai and Abu Dhabi in that respect.

To head inland or south from Muscat you need to cross the Al Hajar Mountains. This mountain range is only half as long and half as wide as the Alps, but it still has a 3,000m peak to offer in the shape of Jebel Shams. Instead of the motorway we will be taking the route via the Wadi Bani Awf, where almost 1,500 metres of altitude difference has to be negotiated. The dusty tracks are barely wide enough for one vehicle, let alone two, and feature sheer drops descending hundreds of metres on one side and rock walls ascending just as high on the other. During one of the rare rainfalls, everything starts to move, so it’s better not to be driving here at the time.

Experience has shown that drivers tackling this mountain route for the first time get quieter and quieter the further they get, and their passengers are simply grateful to have arrived safely when it’s over. Full concentration is required at all times, as in some particularly steep sections it is not always clear whether the track goes right or left after the summit. But the effort is rewarded with views across a landscape of incredible beauty. Or rather, with views of many different landscapes of incredible beauty!

In the Wahiba Sands, the backdrop takes on a completely new dimension. This desert is the sandbox of Oman, big but not too big, and – depending on the chosen route – well feasible. Provided you have an offroad vehicle.

There are two options for travelling across the mountains and back to the coast: the partially completed motorway to Sur or the offroad route via the Salma Plateau. We'll let you guess which one the G-Class will be taking. The track here leads through one of the most isolated regions of Oman to destinations such as the Kibaykib Al Jaylah Tombs, which are more than 4,000 years old. Or to the Majlis Al Jinn, one of the biggest caves anywhere in the world. The stunning view of the sea from the plateau is followed by a descent about which an Omani proverb says: 'The sin that does not come to your mind on the way down there is one that you have not committed.' However, the route is no longer so wild after having been slightly widened and received an earth wall to the abyss.


On offer in November is a six-day tour in which participants stay in very good hotels and a comfortable desert resort. There is also an eight-day version with two additional hotel nights and even more impressions of the country and people.

The price includes three overnight stays in hotels and two in a desert resort (6-day tour) respectively 5 overnight stays in hotels and two in a desert resort (8-day tour), breakfast, dinners and daily lunches or lunch on the way, soft drinks with meals, the costs for the provided G-Class* inclusive fuel (2 drivers per vehicle), transfers from/to the airport, the attention by the organization staff, cancellation insurance and foreign health insurance (for participants with permanent residence in Germany).

Dunes and Sea Experience: Sea view.

The price does not include: Flights to and from Muscat, minibar and telephone costs in the hotels, alcoholic drinks at mealtimes (generally available in the hotels during the evening) and any extra costs not listed, including for additional activities.

Because only a limited number of places are available on this tour, we recommend that you register as soon as possible.

Dunes and Sea Experience: Sunset.

Key facts *

Vehicles: G-Class (G 350d) is provided

Requirements: Valid driving licence (class B/3)

Duration: Six or eight days

  • 18 to 23 November (fully booked)
  • 26 November to 3 December (eight-day tour)
  • 4 to 9 December (six-day tour)

Closing date for registration: 15 June 2017

Number of participants: Ten people in five vehicles (per tour)

Start/finish points: Muscat / Oman

Tour price* six days:

  • €7,985 for one person sharing a double room
  • €8,850 for one person in a single room

Tour price* eight days:

  • €9,858 for one person sharing a double room
  • €10,995 for one person in a single room

* The dates, routes, hotels or items on the itinerary may change depending on when your tour takes place. Equivalents will be provided if this is the case. We regret that no refunds can be provided for unused components of the tour.



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