Global Experience.

Global Experience.

Location: South America

Days: 42

Vehicle: own G-Class (G 270, G 350, G 500, G Pur or G Professional)

Price: upon request

Conditions for participation (PDF)


  • Surinam, Brazil
  • Colombia, Ecuador
  • Peru, Chile
  • Bolivia, Argentina
  • Uruguay

Key facts*

Vehicles: Participants’ own G-Class (G 270, G 350, G 500, G Pur or G Professional)

Requirements: Valid driving licence (class B/3), visa for countries that are part of the tour

Duration: Six weeks

Dates: 19 August to 29 September 2017

Closing date for registration: May 2017

Number of participants:Ten vehicles Start/finish points: French Guiana / Montevideo (Uruguay)

Tour price: upon request

* The dates, routes, hotels or items on the itinerary may change depending on when your tour takes place. Equivalents will be provided if this is the case. We regret that no refunds can be provided for unused components of the tour.

Global Experience.

The great Mercedes-Benz Offroad world tour will take place in stages held once per year. Each stage will take place at the optimum time for travelling in the region concerned, assuming that the political situation in the countries to be crossed allows the trip to take place at that time.

  • 2014 Europe and Asia: Germany to Vietnam.
  • 2015 Australia: Darwin to Sydney.
  • 2016 North America: Alaska to Texas.
  • 2017 South America: from French Guiana to Uruguay.
  • 2018 South America: from Rio de la Plata to Ushuaia
  • 2019 Africa and Europe: Cape Town to Germany


South America will provide the setting for the fourth and fifth stages of the Mercedes-Benz Offroad world tour in 2017 and 2018, with next year’s leg starting in French Guiana and ending in Uruguay. After the tours from Berlin to Hanoi, from Darwin down to Sydney in Australia and from Alaska to the Rio Grande, we have decided – due to the current situation in Africa and the size of South America – to postpone the planned tour from Cape Town back to Berlin for one year and instead split the South American leg into two tours lasting six weeks each.

The first tour in 2017 runs from French Guiana to Uruguay through Suriname, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. Everything from mud tracks to rocky mountain roads will take participants to the breathtaking Atlantic Coast, the verdant Amazonas, mountain passes at more than 5,000 metres above sea level, salt lakes shimmering in all the colours of the rainbow, and the deserts along the Pacific Coast. Participants' safety has the highest priority at all times. That is why we will be avoiding countries such as Venezuela, the regions where Colombia borders Venezuela, and certain Departamentos in Colombia, including Chocó, Cauca, Putumayo, Nariño, Arauca, Córdoba, Caquetá and southern Bolívar. Nature dictated the timing of the tour from August to late September. It was important to avoid not only the rainy season but also snow that might block mountain passes or unbearable heat in certain regions. Participants will still experience a wide range of temperatures but also no end of action and adventure! The second tour begins in 2018 in the port town of Río de la Plata and ends after visits to La Pampa, wilderness passes in the Andes, the Chilean rainforest and Tierra del Fuego in Ushuaia, the southernmost town in the world.


Accommodation at the interim destinations is always provided in the best hotel in town – although of course that’s relative in these parts of the world. Bivouacs are provided where there is no hotel. The most important requirements for participation in this tour are, in addition to camping gear, a G-Class of your own (G 270, G 350, G 500, G Pur or G Professional), the tyres that we specify, an additional tank and equipment such as an air compressor and recovery strap. The off-road vehicles will be transported to and from the start point and Germany by sea. Participants will fly. We will handle customs formalities and the transport of the vehicles. Participants only need to take care of documents such as the Carnet de Passage for their vehicle and travel visas.



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