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The Wild Atlantic Way is Ireland's most spectacular coastal road, and one of world's longest continuous coastal road. Windswept in the north of the island, but with Mediterranean flora in the south. And with surfaces that will make demands on both the drivers and the SUVs or G-Class models provided during the Mercedes-Benz Offroad tour in the summer.

Or how about even more adventure? Then we recommend the 5th leg of the Global Experience in November, covering a route from Montevideo in Uruguay to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego. Through the Argentinean Pampa and the Chilean rainforest, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and back to the shores of the Beagle Channel, the only waterway between the Pacific and the Atlantic apart from the Magellan Strait in the south of the continent - leaving the infamous Drake Passage around Cape Horn aside for the moment.

The contrasting programme to this southern tour is the Arctic Adventure by the Arctic Circle in March 2019. Which not only features a trip on an ice-breaker, but also plenty of fun with the SUV and G-Class models provided, or on snowmobile rides through remote forests.

Arctic Experience.


  • LumiLinna Snow Castle
  • Driver training at the Arctic Driving Center
  • Snowmobil Tour
  • Ice-Cart Challenge
  • Trip with the ice-breaker “Sampo”

Days: 5

Price: from 4.450,- Euro


Global Experience.

  • La Pampa in Argentina
  • Rainforest in Chile
  • Andes passes at up to 5000 m altitude
  • Perito Moreno glacier and Los Glaciares
  • Torres del Paine national park

Weeks: 4

Price: on request