• Mercedes-Benz Driving Events "Five-Day Dune Drive" Training.

    Travel Experience.

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Between the Arctic Circle and South Africa – on the Travel Experience there are not only exceptional routes and impressive landscapes awaiting you, but also incredible beauty and unforgettable experiences.

Anyone who would like to combine travel experience and driver training in a unique manner can do so on the Dune Driver Training in the Sahara or on the one-of-a-kind Arabian Nights Trip – and discover the Sahara and Northern Africa with the G-Class. Offroad enthusiasts also have the opportunity to embrace a great big adventure this season: the sixth and final stage of our Global Experience runs from South Africa via Egypt all the way to Germany – and will once again require everything from its participants.

Of course, we have also thought of everyone who loves snow and ice: our Arctic Circle Trip offers several experiences of an exceptional kind above and beyond this, from ice swimming to dinner in an ice castle. Climb on board – for unique experiences between the Arctic Circle and South Africa.

Arabian Nights Trip.


  • Visit to Carthage
  • Sidi Bou Said artists’ village
  • Medina
  • Le Bardo national museum
  • Roman ruins of Thuburbo Majus
  • Chott El Djerid salt lake

Days: 8


Mercedes-Benz Driving Events “Arabian Nights” Training.

Dune Driver Training.


  • Drive across the Chott El Djerid salt lake
  • Timbain mountains
  • Dune Driver Training in the sand sea

Days: 5


Mercedes-Benz Driving Events “Five-Day Dune Drive” Training.

Global Experience.


  • Namibia
  • Botswana
  • Sambia
  • Tanzania
  • Burundi
  • Ruanda

Weeks: 4


Mercedes-Benz Driving Events "Global Experience" Training.