Tuscan roads of your dreams

Experience quiet country roads lined with cypress trees, culinary delights in Italian trattorias and cultural highlights in Siena and Pienza.

Travel through Tuscany in a historic Mercedes-Benz SL

With the Tuscan wind blowing in your face and the sound of the cylinders rejoicing in your ears, enjoy a sporty and elegant driving experience behind the wheel of our legendary classic car. Along remote country roads lined with cypress trees, the routes pass through scenery characterised by clay, fields of grain, charming vineyards and oak forests. Whenever you stop to explore a medieval village, your Mercedes-Benz SL will be sure to attract admiring glances. Whether visiting a wonderful Chianti winery or admiring the cultural highlights in Siena and Pienza, your senses will be awakened and delighted. The same goes for the elegant castle hotel where you’ll be staying, which affords wonderful views over Siena. Truly immerse yourself in the Tuscan way of life!

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Your travel highlights

  • Stay in stately surroundings, a former noble residence
  • Wine tasting at the ancestral seat of a noble family, one of the oldest wineries in the world
  • Cypress trees, olive groves, rolling hills: picture-postcard scenery along secluded roads
  • Artistic and architectural masterpieces in San Gimignano, Volterra and Siena
  • Charming Pienza (World Heritage Site), designed by Pope Pius II as an ‘ideal city’.

Your travel highlights

  • Stay in stately surroundings, a former noble residence
  • Wine tasting at the ancestral seat of a noble family, one of the oldest wineries in the world
  • Cypress trees, olive groves, rolling hills: picture-postcard scenery along secluded roads
  • Artistic and architectural masterpieces in San Gimignano, Volterra and Siena
  • Charming Pienza (World Heritage Site), designed by Pope Pius II as an ‘ideal city’.

The trip at a glance

Day 1: Classic car trip through Chianti

On your transfer from the airport to the hotel, you’ll gain a good impression of what to expect in the upcoming days. Your trip will get off to a grand start when you check into boutique hotel Borgo Scopeto, a former aristocratic estate, from where you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent view over Siena as you eat your lunch on the terrace. Your heart will start beating even faster when you turn the ignition key for the first time and drive off in your Mercedes-Benz SL classic car. The rolling hills of Chianti between Florence and Siena, with their famous wineries, are a symbol of Tuscany. The world-famous cultural landscape of Chianti is characterised by its old castles and palaces, as well as dense woodland and vast forests. And of course, it’s important to pay a visit to one of the charming wineries. Stop off at one of the world’s oldest wineries, also the ancestral seat of a noble family.

Day 2: Roads of your dreams to Pienza

Fantastic scenery to set your heart alight lies ahead today. Follow quiet country roads through the Crete Senesi, characterised by clay, cypress trees, expansive fields of grain and oak forests. There, where Tuscany’s at its most attractive, you’ll find the small town of Pienza, designed by Pope Pius II as an ‘ideal city’. Your tour guide will not only show you the castle and impressive Renaissance palaces, but you’ll also have the chance to stroll through small, winding alleys and along the boulevard of the Corso Rossellino. After all that culture, your classic car will be eager to get going again. Charming vineyards and the town of Montepulciano will provide the backdrop to your return journey. In the evening, the old town of Siena invites you to enjoy a stroll, and it’s up to you to decide where to eat tonight.

Day 3: Volterra – the City of Alabaster

The drivers amongst you have good reason to be pleased: today's stage is the longest and most varied. You'll drive through ancient cultivated scenery dotted with majestic villas, medieval castles and quiet, remote monasteries, along quiet panoramic roads past San Gimignano and on to the Etruscan city of Volterra. During your guided tour of Volterra's picturesque old town, you'll be amazed by the artistic skills of the Alabaster artists in one of the studios. Vineyards with renowned names and the Tuscan Ore Mountains, a source of wealth for the ancient Etruscans, characterise the landscape of your journey back to the hotel in your classic car. In the evening, you'll dine in an old wine cellar, the atmospheric hotel restaurant La Tinaia, where you'll be treated to new culinary delights based on the finest local recipes.

Day 4: Siena – a gothic gem

Attracted to its beauty, the gently sloping hills around Siena have been a source of inspiration to artists for many years. Let your gaze wander from your roadster into the spectacular distance, before turning your focus to the cultural heritage of this city (UNESCO World Heritage City) on a tour of Siena. The cityscape is dominated by the imposing cathedral made of black and white marble, and its floor features artistically decorated marble inlays that have gained global fame. The city is equally renowned for the most spectacular horse race in the world, the Palio di Siena. In good time for your return flight, we'll transport you to Florence Airport, and you'll be taking home not only wonderful memories of days filled with adventure, but also the authentic experience of driving our Mercedes-Benz SL. Arrivederci and see you soon!

Trip details

Tuscan roads of your dreams

  • Tuscany
  • 4 Days
  • June, September

Overview of dates

We can offer you the following dates for Tuscany:

Time Price Number of guests
02. – 05. June 2017 1.995 € p. P.* max. 18**
07. – 10. September 2017 1.995 € p. P.* max. 18**

Other dates and individual groups from 12 people on request.

*Single room supplement on request.

**Two people always travel in one vehicle. Models will be swapped.

The General Terms and Conditions of Nostalgic GmbH and Co. KG, which you can view here shall apply.


Included in the price:

  • Mercedes-Benz SL (W 113 and R 107) classic car to drive yourself, including fully comprehensive insurance (EUR 500 excess), petrol
  • Three nights bed and breakfast in the 'Borgo Scopeto' hotel in Siena
  • One lunch and one dinner including
  • Transfers from and to Florence Airport; a dinner transfer to Siena
  • Entrance and tours with a German speaking guide
  • Roadbook and vehicle service during the entire trip

Not included in the price:

  • Meals, unless specifically mentioned in features.
  • Journey to Florence

The legendary Mercedes-Benz

For over 125 years, unique innovations and timeless elegance have ensured that the three-pointed star of Mercedes-Benz is pointing towards the future. In the first half of the 19th century, the lifetime achievements of two personalities – Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz – revolutionised the history of the car, laying the foundations for individual mobility. Ever since, ingenious engineers have been coming up with revolutionary inventions time and time again. Take the SL sports car for example, a fascinating success story from Mercedes-Benz, which, since its introduction, has become legendary. With its own special character and charm, it’s the number one dream car and luxury roadster of all time, even after more than 60 years. Two letters have rarely gained such charisma. The abbreviation SL, synonymous with “sporty and light”, could, thanks to the roadster’s sophisticated design, pioneering technology and how pleasurable it is to drive, equally refer to “superior living”. With its classic car trips, Classic Car Travel brings the legendary Mercedes-Benz SL to life with maximum pleasure behind the wheel and a passion for tradition.

Drive classic cars – a special driving experience

The charm of the classic car doesn’t only start once you’re behind the wheel. When almost a dozen Mercedes-Benz SLs are lined up, shining in the sun, your eyes will already light up. Spring 1963: return to the era when the W 113 was introduced. Its hardtop, which curves inwards slightly, is reminiscent of the type of roof that pagodas have in the far east, and is what gives this Mercedes SL series its characteristic name “Pagoda”. With both the W 113 and its successor, the R 107, it’s impossible not to be transported back to the golden seventies, when luxury class was a term used in the automotive industry to describe people who had “made it”. Feelings of nostalgia are conjured up as soon as you hold the ignition key to one of these legendary Mercedes-Benz SLs in your hand. But don’t get in just yet. First of all, transform your roadster into an open-top convertible. The handy stowage space for the roof under the bonnet, painted the same colour as the body of the car, will get you warmed up.

Now it's time: it won't start at the push of a button: you turn the ignition key – a magical moment – the engine starts up slowly, and is soon screaming out for you to take it out for a spin. Wonderful: you take in the round, analogue elements. Be it the chrome jewel gear shifting gate with its delicate Bakelite knobs in the Pagoda or the cherished root wood inlay in the cockpit of the R 107, the chrome-plated ventilation elements or the snappy wipers on the headlights: as a driver behind the wheel of this Mercedes-Benz SL, there's one thing that will really strike you: absolute control.

This feeling will stay with you whilst you drive, when the six-cylinder engine powers up. These vehicles continue to impress not only their passengers, but also passers-by. After just a few miles, you'll notice how people like you and 'your' Mercedes-Benz. Strangers will wave at you. Other vehicles on the road will forget the hustle and bustle around them for a moment and greet you by flashing their lights; other drivers will even give way to you. And suddenly you'll remember how bends used to feel, that ascending and descending take some concentration when driving. By now you've enjoyed an original driving experience that you'd previously deemed lost. Welcome to the world of classic cars. With Classic Car Travel, you'll manage to square the circle: to slow down whilst driving. You won't need to worry about anything, thanks to the Mediterranean sun at your destinations, the wind in your hair, carefully selected picture-postcard routes an all-inclusive package with Classic Car Travel.

Our models


How do you get highly accomplished power deployment and impressive elegance under one roof? Engineers and designers solved this problem with flying colours in the spring of 1963. The Mercedes-Benz SL W 113, successor to the legendary 190 SL and 300 SL super sports car, was introduced and was, from then onwards, known to its fans as the “Pagoda”. It effortlessly balances the comfort of a touring saloon with the liveliness of a sports car, and is, to this day, the most elegant and desirable convertible for anyone who appreciates the simple elegance and spirit of the sixties. Hollywood stars such as Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra loved this classy car.


In April 1971, a new Mercedes-Benz SL finds its way to people's hearts: the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (R 107). The roadster presents itself as powerful and prestigious, having been given a removable roof by its creators. Under its long bonnet, an eight-cylinder engine roars into life for the first time. In fact, the R 107 really belongs to the German movement of 1968, as the ultimate decision to create it was made on 18 June 1968. In Hollywood, Dallas and the Königsallee in Düsseldorf, stars, celebrities and nobility sauntered around the streets in this elegant car. Plenty of chrome and distinctive bumpers and window frames give the vehicle a self-confident, sovereign look. The R 107 quickly became a bestseller. In addition to the comfort typical of a Mercedes-Benz, a number of small details make life with this car a real pleasure. Charming detail: the rechargeable torch built into the glove compartment.

Your routes in Tuscany