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Connected is the “C” in Daimler’s CASE strategy. Connected vehicles will play a key role in the reinvention of mobility.

Already today, all our vehicles are “always on” and intelligently connected. In addition to real-time traffic service and up-to-the-minute information directly on the navigation map (weather, fuel prices, parking spaces), we also already have Car-to-X technology in the vehicle. Our vehicles are part of the “Internet of Things”. With Mercedes me connect, our customers have access to their car at all times and from anywhere. In future, our vehicles will become digital, automotive companions, which, based on habits, time and day of the week, will be able to predict the wishes of the occupants and thus actively assist them. Innovative control concepts will transform interaction with the vehicle into an experience: brilliant graphics and 3D real-time animations are displayed on high-resolution screens. The HMI combines Touch Control, touchscreen, touchpad as well as natural-speech interaction and gestures. Daimler is working with HD Live Maps of HERE and is currently using them in Mercedes-Benz prototypes. In the medium term, Daimler plans to launch HD Live Maps.