• The four keynote speakers of the future talks by Mercedes-Benz Vans

The keynotes of the future talks by Mercedes-Benz Vans at a glance.*

Draw inspiration, discover new things and broaden your horizons: the four renowned keynote speakers of the future talks by Mercedes-Benz Vans will enable you to travel into the future with their lectures.

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*The views of all external speakers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Mercedes-Benz.
Tim Leberecht, CEO & Co Founder of The Business Romantic Society.

Tim Leberecht on the subject of “Business Romantic”.

Tim Leberecht is a consultant and bestselling author. In times of digitalization, automation and artificial intelligence he is concerned with a new humanism in economy and society. He is co-founder and Co-CEO of “The Business Romantic Society” – a company that supports firms and executives in strategic transformations as well as the design of more humane brands and cultures. In his keynote “Business Romantic – Build a Human Company in the Age of Machines”, Leberecht discusses how to stay human with your company in a business world characterized by automatisms and how to establish a meaningful culture.

The advantages of ridesharing using Via as an example.

Oren Shoval is co-founder and CTO of the ridesharing provider Via. He is a former strategy consultant at McKinsey and has developed real-time avionics systems for the Israeli Air Force. In his lecture “How ridesharing improves urban transportation” he talks about how public transport can be transformed from a regulated system of rigid routes and schedules into a dynamic on-demand network. Cities today face immense challenges from the growing inner-city traffic. Ridesharing, according to Shoval, can help reduce traffic congestion and is an affordable and convenient solution.

Oren Shoval, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Via.
Clare Jones, CCO What3Words.

Clare Jones on the address system “what3words”.

Clare Jones is CCO of the worldwide address system what3words. Prior to that, she focused on the development and growth of social enterprises. Her main focus is on innovative business models that can meet social and environmental challenges. In her keynote speech “About the humanitarian side of cutting-edge location tech” she explains the problem of incomplete addressing. Often these are areas in need of humanitarian aid. By assigning a three-word address to each three by three metre square of the world, what3words enables relief organizations to respond quickly and effectively to this process.

The digitalization of the logistics industry.

Frauke Heistermann works as a consultant and digitization coach. As a board member of the Bundesvereinigung Logistik (German Logistics Association) and chairwoman of the Council for Technology, she is familiar with the special features of the industry. Frauke Heistermann is also the author of various publications on digitization, cloud computing and logistics innovations. In her keynote speech “Digitization in the Logistics Industry: Hype & Reality” she talks about the opportunities digitalization has for the industry. She will discuss which technologies play a role, where we currently stand and whether we are sufficiently prepared for the future.

Frauke Heistermann, Digitalization Coach & Member of the Board of Directors, German Logistics Association.

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