With its F015 Luxury in Motion visionary research vehicle, Mercedes-Benz provides us with a sneak peek of the scope of autonomous driving.

“Baby, you can drive my car”.

Mercedes-Benz has started a campaign with the slogan “Quality Time” which puts forward its vision of autonomous driving.
  • “Baby, you can drive my car”.

  • Time for the future.

    Using its F 015 Luxury in Motion visionary research vehicle by way of example, the brand with the three-pointed star serves up a comprehensive preview of the future of mobility. Tongue-in-cheek and with a touch of subtle humour, the campaign is intended to provoke people to think about that precious resource called time. These days, having time is the greatest luxury that people can have. Autonomous driving makes the car of the future a place to live. Comfort and luxury are redefined and make a new, pleasant way of organising one’s time possible.

    Mercedes-Benz is already able to demonstrate how autonomous driving will change our society.
    Time is a rare commodity in today's world: in the F015 Luxury in Motion visionary research vehicle, you recover precious moments of time.

    “Quality Time Machine”.

    Humans remain the central focal point: “In our ‘Autonomous Driving’ campaign, we’re making the advantages of this new form of mobility accessible to them: a greater private sphere and more time. We’re setting new standards for modern luxury”, explains Dr Jens Thiemer, Head of Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. In a nutshell: vehicles become a ‘Quality Time Machine’, giving time back to people in a hectic world.

    Changes everything.

    Under the caption “Changes everything. Our vision of autonomous driving”, an amusing advert shows the direction that autonomous driving might take. A father puts his baby into a futuristic car seat and then gets into the vehicle himself. The car pulls away and the lights of the urban night sky rush past. Viewers see the baby sitting at the steering wheel. The father has made himself comfortable on the back seat, is busy with his tablet and is humming along to the tune of the Beatles classic “Baby you can drive my car”.

    A relaxed journey for father and child is how mobility might look in the future.

    Baby and father look happy and relaxed. The last shot of the father shows him contentedly sleeping.