As on a smartphone, all the head-unit-functions can be operated using finger gestures.

Command with finger-tip control.

The touchpad in the new C 180 developed by Mercedes-Benz marks an evolutionary step.

C 180: Fuel consumption combined: 5.8-5.0 l/100 km;

combined CO₂-emissions: 135-116 g/km.*


The 65 x 45 millimetre control surface of the new touchpad made out of scratch-resistant material is built into the handrest on the central control panel and bordered by a high-quality metal support – a design feature with high-tech aspirations which exudes luxury at the same time. While other solutions with a touch-sensitive surface only support selected operating steps, the driver and front passenger can use the touchpad to control all the functions in the central infotainment control panel using the kind of single and multitouch gestures familiar from smartphones and tablet PCs. The user receives clear haptic feedback when operating the touchpad control surface. Characters entered using the handwriting function can also be read aloud by the system, thus supporting blind operation.

The touchpad also allows letters, numbers and special characters to be entered using the handwriting recognition function, in the respective language supported by the head unit.

The acoustic output also ensures that the driver does not need to take their eyes off the road, keeping distraction to an absolute minimum.

The touchpad thus offers an additional, fully fledged and innovative input option to complement the existing controller and LINGUATRONIC voice control system.

Free choice.

The user can input commands reliably with their hand sitting firmly on the ergonomic handrest without any need for free-floating fingers. A new handrest detection feature also increases operating safety and helps prevent incorrect inputs. As part of this process, the system analyses a sensor signal in three dimensions, thus detecting whether the hand is simply being placed on the handrest or is actually inputting data. The icons on the control surface are illuminated in the dark to help the user locate the various functions. Three touch-sensitive buttons are arranged behind the touchpad which can be used to operate key functions quickly and directly (back function, switch to favourites menu, audio quick menu). The touchpad thus offers an additional, fully fledged and innovative input option to complement the existing Controller and LINGUATRONIC voice control system. The user can choose at any time which input method they prefer.

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