Mercedes-Benz Innovation Development Technology A-Class

Development work.

The long way to series production.
  • Development work.

  • The best or nothing.

    Bringing a completely new model onto the market is a very costly and complex process. It requires the perfect interaction of experts from different fields over a number of years. But regardless of whether safety, driving dynamics or efficiency are concerned, whether the A-Class, S-Class or the SLS AMG, the typical Mercedes-Benz ideology still applies: “The best or nothing.”

    Thus all models sporting the star correspond to the highest expectations of quality and they surpass the very toughest of safety standards.

    The new A-Class sets standards in the compact class – and not just in frontal collision tests.
    Mercedes-Benz Innovation Development Technology A-Class Collision test Compact Class
    Mercedes-Benz Innovation Development Technology A-Class Dr Dieter Zetsche South Africa
    The Board of Management with Dr Dieter Zetsche (r) out and about in a camouflaged A-Class.

    Passed and series-ready.

    Tradition at Mercedes-Benz dictates that the boss carries out the final acceptance drive. The result: passed and series-ready!

    Join the new A-Class from Mercedes-Benz on its long journey to series production.