Electric Drive: emission-free driving made by Mercedes-Benz.

Electrifying. Energetic. Efficient.

Based on its many years of experience, Mercedes-Benz is demonstrating the broad scope of electric mobility.

B-Class electric drive:

Combined CO₂ emissions: 0 g/km;

Power consumption weighted: 17.9-16.6 kWh/100 km.*

Committed to zero emissions.

Quiet and yet full of spirit. Zero local emissions and yet powerful torque. The battery electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz meet the need for emission-free driving and at the same time provide the main features of a Mercedes-Benz, such as safety, comfort and impressive driving pleasure. The range of vehicles from Mercedes-Benz Cars is comprehensive: from the city runabout and Sports Tourer, through to the small van and super sports car – it has it all. “Local emission-free electric vehicles such as the B-Class Electric Drive are an important part of the company strategy for sustainable mobility”, explains Heiko Bornhöft, responsible for the Marketing & Sales e-mobility division at Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Mercedes-Benz boasts an innovative and comprehensive e-mobility product portfolio.

With the market launch of the S 500 PLUG-IN-HYBRID, this strategy is being systematically pursued and the comprehensive range of products, comprising the A-Class E-CELL, B-Class F-CELL, Vito E-CELL van, SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive and also the smart fortwo electric drive, is being extended even further.

Innovative and exciting.

With innovative electric mobility products and services, Mercedes-Benz is making entry into the world of electric mobility even easier for its customers. One such example is the innovative sale&care product. With this all-round carefree package, smart customers are currently already able to enjoy a great number of benefits while experiencing the advantages of electric mobility in a worry-free manner. The basic principle behind the model is that the customer buys, finances or leases their vehicle as usual, and simply rents the battery for their electric vehicle.

sale&care - the all-round carefree package enabling entry into the world of electric mobility.

In addition to an attractive entry-level price, customers benefit from a performance promise with regard to the capacity of the rented battery as well as many other advantages.

Powerful and made-to-last.

With the market launch of the B-Class Electric Drive Mercedes-Benz is bringing its first fully electric series production vehicle onto the roads. The battery electric vehicles guarantee to provide unparalleled driving dynamics thanks to the many years of know-how gathered in the field of powerful lithium-ion batteries. The B-Class Electric Drive embodies this by enabling superior yet spirited driving pleasure over a range of 200 kilometres with its powerful 130 kW electric motor – without making any compromises whatsoever in terms of available space. From 0 to 100 in 7.9 seconds – the powerful electric motor ensures full torque and lightning-fast power delivery from the word go, even impressing sports car drivers when it comes to pulling away from traffic lights.

The B-Class Electric Drive is one of the many innovative electric mobility products from Mercedes-Benz.

The “B flexible package” provides owners of the B-Class Electric Drive with utmost flexibility: it includes credit to use Mercedes-Benz Rent vehicles free-of-charge (15 days per year) as well as car2go black (two hours per month) and car2go vehicles (one hour per month).

Convenient remote query and remote configuration of the vehicle is possible via the Vehicle Homepage.

Excellence networked.

With Connected Services from Mercedes-Benz and the app „Charge&Pay for Mercedes-Benz“, convenient remote query and configuration of the vehicle is possible. This enables the current charge status of the battery to be checked and the current range to be indicated on a map. In addition, the planned route can be displayed, making it possible to check at a glance where – if necessary – interim charging can be carried out. But the impressive networking features not only bring customers up to speed with the charge status of the battery. With the aid of remote control functions via the Vehicle Homepage, the vehicle can also be pre-heated or pre-cooled – conveniently via PC, tablet or smartphone. If required, customers can also receive information on the charge status of their vehicle automatically via Twitter or email. With its initiatives, Mercedes-Benz is driving straight into the future – with zero local emissions. And as part of this, the focus is squarely on driving pleasure, suitability for everyday use and a premium product for the customer.

Reliable and flexible

Charging an electric vehicle can easily be integrated into everyday life and even help to make life easier. Stopovers at the petrol station become redundant. That’s because electricity is available via a wide variety of charging options. Whether charging at night via normal household sockets, taking advantage of fast and intelligent charging with the aid of a rapid charging station at home – the so-called wallbox – or charging at a public charging station: customers with an electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz are able to enjoy absolute flexibility. The appropriate wallbox, including the installation service, is available direct via Mercedes-Benz dealerships. As part of this service, a select partner of Mercedes-Benz carries out an on-site check of the local conditions and subsequently installs the wallbox.

Fill up with electricity: a variety of charging options helps to ensure effortless integration into everyday life.

In the future, a cooperation project called Hubject, in which Daimler AG and therefore Mercedes-Benz is a shareholder, will even make it possible for electric vehicle customers to use the existing Europe-wide network making up the public charging infrastructure irrespective of their provider.

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