MULTIBEAM LED headlamps automatically provide the best possible illumination for any situation on the road.

MULTIBEAM LED brings light into the darkness.

With its innovative headlamp technology, Mercedes-Benz is setting new standards with respect to design, technology and road safety.

Fast and precise.

Mercedes-Benz is incorporating the new MULTIBEAM LED technology for the first time into the new-generation CLS-Class. The many benefits of LEDs have been innovatively combined with the latest in control technology. “This technology allows us to respond much faster to changes in our surroundings, and for example, to adapt the light to the new situation in the space of 10 milliseconds – something that was not possible before,” said Mercedes-Benz Development Engineer Florian Herold. A total of four control units calculate the ideal light pattern 100 times a second.

The new MULTIBEAM LED headlamps open up a new dimension of safety that also benefits other road users.

Because MULTIBEAM LED technology combines the best current light technologies and can automatically adjust the distribution of light quickly and precisely to almost any situation on the road, it constantly provides unusually bright and expansive illumination of the road and the verge without dazzling other drivers. In so doing, MULTIBEAM LED perfects and builds on the functions of the Intelligent Light System to make driving even safer in future.

Ideal visibility without dazzling.

The heart of MULTIBEAM LED technology is the non-dazzling high beam, made possible by the refinement of the camera-based Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus. Until now, if the camera positioned behind the windscreen detected vehicles that were oncoming and on the road ahead, it would mask that area of the high beam light cone mechanically in order to avoid dazzling the drivers. The new MULTIBEAM LED head-lamps take this concept one step further by using a highly responsive, high-precision light module as a grid-pattern light source featuring 24 individual, high-performance LED chips. Each of these LED chips can be controlled electronically and independently of each other to form a u-shape in order to exclude other vehicles from the cone of light.

The frontal profile of the new CLS featuring the MULTIBEAM LED light system.

The headlamp controls combine the grid-pattern light source with the proven mechanical technology of the LED Intelligent Light System, which increases the level of precision offered by current grid-pattern light sources and provides a gap in the high beam that is as narrow as possible.

The non-dazzling high beam can be left on permanently without putting other road users at risk.

Non-dazzling high beam.

This non-dazzling high beam, also referred to as partial high beam, relieves a lot of the burden on the driver when driving at night. It can be left on permanently without disturbing other road users or even putting them at risk.

It is also no longer necessary to manually activate and deactivate the high beam, which allows the driver to concentrate fully on driving.

Early recognition thanks to the active light function.

In addition to the high-precision high beam module, every MULTIBEAM LED headlamp also houses another module for the dipped beam comprising four LEDs. This can be rotated outwards by up to twelve degrees, allowing us to implement something that had not been possible before: “A camera behind the windscreen is constantly tracking the road ahead in order to determine the best possible focal point for the lights,” explained Florian Herold. Based on the information provided by the camera, the module follows the bend even before the steering wheel has been turned in order to provide the best possible illumination of the road ahead at an early stage. It also returns to face ahead before the end of the bend in accordance with the situation.

The anticipatory active light function provides the best possible illumination of bends before you have even turned the wheel.

This anticipatory active light function is of huge benefit to the driver in terms of safety, as he/she can prepare in good time for entering and leaving the bend, and spot dangers earlier on.

No more dark zones at roundabouts.

Another innovation incorporated into MULTIBEAM LED headlamps is the cornering light function with roundabout feature. This works with the COMAND Online navigation system to identify roundabouts on the route at an early stage and notify the driver. Then, before joining the traffic at a roundabout, the left and right cornering lights are activated automatically in order to ensure the best possible visibility through wide-ranging illumination. “Specifically, the distribution of light is much wider than with normal dipped beams or high beams, and that allows me as the driver to spot approaching cyclists, for example, much more easily when waiting to join a roundabout,” explained Florian Herold.

The cornering light function with roundabout feature can be activated before joining traffic at a roundabout.
Road safety is taken very seriously at Mercedes-Benz, and serves as a driving force for ongoing technological development.

Road safety is paramount.

Mercedes-Benz has always stood for innovation that has the benefit to the customer at its heart. Particular attention is paid to the aspect of safety, which serves as a driving force for ongoing development and technological improvements aimed at making driving even safer.

“MULTIBEAM LED is a very dynamic system that offers the ultimate in precision in combination with an enormous range of functionality and state-of-the-art light technology. To put it simply: a completely new level of safety that light technology currently has to offer,” Florian Herold stressed, proudly.

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