Safety milestones.

Mercedes-Benz safety research and innovative systems for occupant protection from the very beginning to the present day.
Text: Tobias Nebl
Photos: Daimler AG / Mercedes-Benz Classic

Safety milestones: 2011+.

PRE-SAFE® Pulse will soon go into series production. It is an extension of the award-winning anticipatory occupant protection system PRE-SAFE®, which activates preventive safety systems in critical situations.

In the event of an impending side impact, PRE-SAFE® Pulse moves the driver or front passenger up to 50 mm towards the centre of the vehicle. In such accidents, this can reduce the loads acting on the upper body by around a third.

Another vision which is close to reality is the Belt Bag, a three-point safety belt with integrated airbag designed to provide enhanced protection for rear passengers.

Safety milestones: 1981.

Driver airbag – Daimler was the first automotive manufacturer to present this innovation in a series production car at the Geneva Motor Show. Together with a belt tensioner, the system became available in the S-Class W 126 Saloon from July 1981.

Safety milestones: 1978.

Anti-lock braking system or ABS: together with Bosch, Mercedes-Benz developed a system which prevents the wheels from locking even under full braking. The great advantage in terms of safety: the vehicle still remains steerable.

Like many of the technical innovations from Mercedes-Benz, ABS was first fitted as standard to the S-Class, followed by other model series, until it ultimately came to be implemented for driver protection across all brands.

Safety milestones: 1959.

Crash test – these words were not even in common use when Mercedes-Benz began testing vehicles by crashing them into obstacles. In the early years of safety research, even rocket technology was used.

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