• Mercedes-Benz EQ Ready App.

    The EQ Ready App. Are you ready for e-mobility?

    The free smartphone app from Mercedes-Benz analyses your personal driving behaviour.

    Text: Aline Knobloch | Photographer: Maks Richter

The future is electric.

The same questions always arise when it comes to e-mobility: Can I drive my daily routes with a battery-electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid? Does the vehicle’s range allow me to drive to work and go to the supermarket on the way back? In other words: Am I ready for an electric vehicle? Stefan, an architect and passionate driver, asked himself this question. The young family father would like a vehicle with an alternative drive system. However, he has to commute to his architectural office in the city every day. Up until now, he has driven a car with a combustion engine. But as a fan of new technologies, he would like to use an alternative. The question is: Is an electric vehicle or a hybrid model right for him? Is it worth the change?

Mercedes-Benz EQ Ready App: A man sits in a black A-Class from Mercedes-Benz.
Mercedes-Benz EQ Ready App: A man looks at a smartphone.

The EQ Ready App analyses individual driving behaviour.

Now Stefan can find out the answer – with the new EQ Ready App from Mercedes-Benz. How does it work? It is very smart: download, activate the tracking function and drive. The app automatically records Stefan’s journeys. EQ Ready analyses his daily driving behaviour and compares this with parameters of electric and hybrid vehicles. The result: Stefan receives a simple and compact report about whether he could now manage his driving routines with an electric vehicle.

  • Mercedes-Benz EQ Ready App: A man sits in his black Mercedes-Benz A-Class and launches the EQ Ready App.

More reliable than any test drive.

Once he has logged into the EQ Ready App and activated the automatic tracking function, the app takes care of everything else. The tracking function can also be deactivated if a journey should not be recorded. Stefan drives slowly out of the underground car park and heads towards the city. The architect and his family have lived in the country outside the city for several years now. His journey to work takes him along country roads, past neighbouring villages and then through the inner city: he drives through 30 km/h zones, constantly has to stop at traffic lights, and today he also stops at the car wash.

The EQ Ready App integrates all of this information in its analysis, along with extensive environmental data – such as the altitude or the braking and acceleration behaviour from Stefan. Based on this information, the app determines the realistic potential range and the individual energy consumption. Stefan can also manually enter charging stations into the app: if he parks nearby, a charging process is simulated. This further improves the analysis and enables even more precise results.

Key data at a glance.

Stefan parks his car outside the architectural office. At the same time, the trip to work is synchronized with the app’s server via wifi or mobile network. The server has all of the relevant parameters for electric and hybrid vehicles and compares these with the data recorded. The software not only takes into account the individual driving style but also numerous other vehicle-specific factors such as energy consumption, range, aerodynamic drag, vehicle weight and roll resistance. As a consequence, the app’s results are highly realistic and far more reliable than a single test drive.

Mercedes-Benz EQ Ready App: A man stands next to a black A-Class from Mercedes-Benz with his smartphone in his hand.
  • Mercedes-Benz EQ Ready App: A smartphone displaying the EQ Ready App.

The right vehicle for you.

Meetings, telephone calls, a visit to the building site – the busy day seems to pass in the blink of an eye. Leasure time is also important: after finishing work, the young architect drives through the inner city and a spontaneous invitation to a barbecue with friends comes at just the right time. EQ Ready also records this trip automatically. When Stefan arrives home in the evening, he checks his smartphone again. The app provides him with an exact and easily understandable overview of his trips. When he selects an individual drive, the app switches to the detailed view: this enables him to see the precise driving times, routes and energy consumption.

Even after the very first trip with the EQ Ready App, Stefan already has a good idea of his driving behaviour and the results become more precise with every journey. At the end of the week the family father excitedly checks his results. Is he ready for e-mobility? The screen displays the positive evaluation. But there is even more: he also receives a specific recommendation about the best vehicle for his needs. Now Stefan knows: he could switch over to e-mobility today. Would you also reach your destinations with an electric vehicle? And which vehicle would be right for you? Find out now – with the EQ Ready App in iTunes and the Google Play Store.