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Mercedes-Benz is committed to using resources more intelligently, and wants to empower others to do the same. That’s why World Earth Day 2017 marks the launch of the new EQ Mode, an innovative plugin which helps internet users effortlessly reduce their CO₂ footprint.

Reducing Your Digital CO₂ Footprint: Why Less is More.

Few people are aware that today’s busy digital landscape is responsible for about 2 % of global greenhouse gas emissions – about as much as air travel. For each megabyte of data downloaded, an average of 19 grams of CO₂ is released into the atmosphere. That’s 500 kg of CO₂ per year for an average internet user!

What’s more, research shows that a lot of this energy is wasted on long pages not fully read by the user, as well as images and videos the user has no interest in.

Presenting: EQ Mode.

The free Chrome plugin combines intelligent design and technology elements to help users reduce the amount of unnecessary data downloaded during browsing – a small but significant shift towards a more intelligent use of electricity.

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