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Mercedes-Benz has the most valuable Facebook page of any automotive brand.

Seventeen million.

Mercedes-Benz’s fan community on Facebook passed the 17-million mark in October 2014. It was only in July that the Stuttgart-based premium brand welcomed its 15-millionth fan. This new milestone in its long-standing involvement on the social web is being specially celebrated by the brand with the star.

Mercedes-Benz designers are adding a visual dimension to the landmark achievement with an impressive tape installation. The subject of the artistic work is the new Mercedes-AMG GT sports car. The time-lapse video can be viewed here.


Impressive fan community.

Yet the size of the fan community is not the only thing that is impressive: according to a current study by socialBench, one of the leading social media analytics companies, Mercedes-Benz has by far the most valuable Facebook page of all the world's automotive brands, with a value of over 7.2 million euros.

Also, the brand from Stuttgart is the first automobile manufacturer to use the Instagram platform in Europe for advertising purposes. This delivers further impressive proof of the success and innovation of Mercedes-Benz in the way it uses social networks to address customers and potential customers of the brand.


The community value.

The latest study by socialBench, which covers the third quarter of 2014, examined 75 German and international Facebook pages of automobile manufacturers. First place in the “Community Value” category for international Facebook sites was occupied by Mercedes-Benz. The “community value” determines the theoretical monetary worth of the fan community. It is calculated based on the involvement of the fans, especially their interactions. The higher the value, the more involved the community. A study by Social Bakers in July 2014 came to a similar conclusion. Mercedes-Benz had easily the most active fans of any automotive brand, with more than 12 million interactions on Facebook in the second quarter of 2014. Among all brands.

Mercedes-Benz thus impressively demonstrated that its large Facebook community intensively comments on the available content.


Digitally engaged.

Mercedes-Benz has for years been one of the most active and successful brands on the internet,” says Dr Jens Thiemer, Head of Marketing Communications at Mercedes-Benz Cars. “Extensive online and social media activities are an integral part of our marketing and sales strategy. We systematically convey our product and brand topics in editorial material and publish it across the entire breadth of digital channels. Our high-grade and creative content is reaching more and more fans and interested individuals around the world, who are intensively using and discussing our offerings as well as commenting on them and sharing them with friends.”

Tape-art for the anniversary.

The Stuttgart-based automobile manufacturer is one of the most successful brands on Facebook. At present, between 1.5 and 2 million new fans are being added on average every quarter. In October 2014, Mercedes-Benz’s global fan community on Facebook passed the 17-million mark. To celebrate this landmark, Mercedes-Benz designers have created a wall-mounted tape installation depicting the exterior of the new Mercedes-AMG GT. They did this using special, mostly black adhesive tapes of different thicknesses. This so-called “taping” makes it possible to represent design views flexibly and on a scale of 1:1.

The making of the installation was filmed with a time-lapse camera and can be viewed here.


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