• Mercedes-Benz Deutschland: national social media campaign #GrowUpLikeThis.

    A Guide to Growing Up.

    Heiner Lauterbach searching for the new grown-ups.

Rethinking Social Content.

Mercedes-Benz Deutschland has developed a national social media campaign for the five compact car models A-Class, B-Class, CLA Coupé, CLA Shooting Brake and GLA. On 23 May 2017, elbkind started an influencer campaign in which the topic of “growing up” is illustrated authentically on the Internet using real stories and personalities – and by using a completely new format. With a combination of a scripted background story and unscripted interviews, Mercedes-Benz is breaking with the convention of a typical influencer marketing strategy. The result is social content which is both authentic and high quality in terms of dramatization.

Mercedes-Benz Deutschland: national social media campaign #GrowUpLikeThis with Benjamin Melzer.
Mercedes-Benz Deutschland: national social media campaign #GrowUpLikeThis with Martin Stieber, Paul Ripke and Heiner Lauterbach.

Grow up – like this?

The international umbrella campaign called “Grow up” was launched in March and presents five different stories within a wide range of content created. In line with the umbrella campaign, the national German campaign is now also re-interpreting conventional values about becoming an adult.

The social media lead agency, elbkind, has put the prominent actor, Heiner Lauterbach, who has had an eventful past himself, at the centre of the campaign. On a journey through Germany, Lauterbach tries to get to the bottom of what it means to become an adult, visiting special individuals who share their views with him on the subject.

The protagonists.

The unconventional nature of the characters he chooses is the intriguing thing: from transgender model Benjamin Melzer – once a woman and now a man, “One Night in Rio” photographer and school drop-out Paul Ripke, hip hop legend Martin Stieber and “Fack Ju Göhte” actress Gizem Emre to the “This is Jayne Wayne” authors Nike van Diether and Sarah Gottschalk who champion a new view of women on their fashion and lifestyle blog, and the Swedish-born “Berlin Food Stories” founder Per Meurling, who is now known worldwide as a food expert for Berlin.

Mercedes-Benz Deutschland: national social media campaign #GrowUpLikeThis with Sarah Gottschalk and Nike van Diether.
Mercedes-Benz Deutschland: national social media campaign #GrowUpLikeThis with Maya and Heiner Lauterbach.

A Guide to Growing Up.

The web series ends on a very personal note when Lauterbach meets his own daughter Maya who is on the verge of entering adulthood, thus expanding the discussion to include the view of yet another generation.

The campaign starts with a teaser video presenting the topic and previewing the 5 YouTube videos entitled “A Guide to Growing Up”. The videos are complemented by additional content and interactive elements across all the social media platforms.

The whole campaign is hashtagged with #GrowUpLikeThis and will be published on the YouTube-Channel of Mercedes-Benz Germany.