The drive along the mountains in the A 45 AMG is an experience with an unbelievable sight.

Adventure, Alps and the A 45 AMG 4MATIC.

A twelve hour travel report with a dream car by GFWilliams.

Photos: GFWilliams
Fuel consumption combined: 7.1-6.9 l/100 km;

combined CO₂ emissions: 165-161 g/km.*

The A 45 AMG on its way exploring the border between Austria and Italy.

“I could do what I wanted.”

Ever since the A 45 AMG 4MATIC was released, I’ve wanted to drive it and there was no better way to make this dream real than this twelve hours photo shoot and road trip. Mercedes-Benz kindly agreed me to pick the A 45 AMG 4MATIC up from Stuttgart, and then I was allowed to do what I want with this awesome car, until it had to be returned in the evening. I fancied taking it to some good driving roads which had some nice views. The guys from Mercedes-Benz had suggested to explore the Black Forrest, but I was crazy enough to head for the Austrian-Italian border in middle of the mountains. I searched a random twisty looking road by using Google Maps and just entered it into the COMAND Online navigation system as the destination.

Along the mountains.

After getting the keys for the A 45 AMG 4MATIC, we were told to keep it in good condition and not to speed. There was a nice stretch of Autobahn on the way to Austria, where we managed to see how it felt at high speeds. As the car was fitted with winter tires, we were limited to 240 km/h. The acceleration till that limit was nice and quick though and was a nice cruising speed in all the derestricted sections. As we arrived on the edge of the alps there was snow on either side of the road and as we’ve done a lot of motorway driving, we decided to explore the countryside and deviate from the suggested route.

Arrival at the edge of the alps.

We pulled off onto a cool looking side road and started to drive up the side of a mountain. Here we found our first shooting location, and a rather scary and narrow track with some beautiful views was our reward. The only slight issue was to turn the car around, but luckily my co driver wasn’t scared of heights!

Banks of snow.

There were some lovely twisty roads and exploring the A 45 AMG 4MATIC a bit, we were growing very fond of the excellent steering feel and the grip that the 4wd system offered, it gave us great confidence in the car. And this is what you need, when there are banks of snow on either side of the road. We approached the road, I chose on Google maps and due to all the snow, we were worried that it might be closed, but it turned out to be a toll road and we had to pay 19 euro to drive on it.

Although it felt like the street could be closed because of the snow, it wasn’t.

Furthermore, they were only letting people through, if they had winter tires on! So glad we had those, we continued on our way. About two kilometres later, we found the most beautiful section of road we have ever seen – due to the falling snow it was a bit cold, but added some nice drama to the photographs and gave us some views we will never forget.

On the way to the other side of the mountain, we passed a lovely long tunnel.

The dark and lightly inside.

After some time on the Austrian side of the road, it was time to head over to the other side of the mountain in Italy. The road got thinner and the scenery changed a lot with more trees gracing the scenery. The biggest eye catcher: A lovely long tunnel! The pops of the exhaust when changing the gears were addictive and we had to go back and forth about eight times through that tunnel!

Unfortunately, time was running out though, and we had to head back to Stuttgart. We drove back the same road we used to get to Italy. The snow fall had stopped, and there were a few open roads to give us a bit more time on dry roads. The car just encouraged you to push on, but we kept things easy and drove safely back.

The 4MATIC system and winter tires of the A 45 AMG proved their usability.

Happy end and dirty car.

On the way out of Austria, as there was more snow again, we had to test how good the 4MATIC system and winter tires work together, so we took another random side road, which was covered with mud and snow. That car has an unnatural amount of grip.

My co driver also managed to splash me with snow very well, as I was taking the photos. After our little detour was over – now a very, very dirty car, it was really time to head back to Stuttgart.

Full automatic car wash.

Rushing back, we reached 200 km/h at some points, which seemed to be a lovely speed in the A 45 AMG 4MATIC. A speed, we could only dream of being allowed to do in the UK. It wasn’t using up much fuel either at those speeds, which was a bonus. Later, after the car has cleaned itself in the rain, we arrived back at the Mercedes-Benz headquarter. A fantastic day, in a fantastic car, in a fantastic scenery. Thanks to Mercedes-Benz, for twelve hours I’ll always remember!

The cockpit of the A 45 AMG.

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