Alaska to LA – part 1.

Two men, a 35-year old car, a toolkit and 4,000 miles.

From Fairbanks to LA.

A writer looking for his voice, a photographer with sleepy eyes, and three German filmmakers walk into a bar in Alaska …

What could easily be the beginning of a bad joke is the first blog entry by Jimmy George Francis and Sean Johnstun before their journey from Fairbanks, Alaska down to Los Angeles in a 35-year old car.

From Alaska to LA – part 1.

The goal is the journey.

The distance they are about to cover is 4,218 miles to be precise. However, this is of little consequence. The goal is the journey. If you remember JG and Sean from our California Cool article you already know that these guys know how to turn work into a lifestyle. They don’t hurry back home down the highway in a cheap rental car or sleep on a Greyhound to make it back as quickly as possible. True to JG’s favourite Hemingway quote “The shortest answer is doing the thing”, the reason for this trip is a light beige 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240 D with only 46,000 original miles that JG bought unseen in Fairbanks and that now needs to be taken home to LA to be restored.

From Alaska to LA – part 1.

So this is no mere return trip. This is what turned out to be a 2-week journey with all the little challenges, jaw-dropping views and moments of self-discovery that you’d expect from a decent road trip.

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