• 5c100c – Mercedes-Benz 190 D.

    Guest feature: Around the world in a 190 D.

    Photos: Stefan Krallinger

5c100c – 5 continents, 100 countries.

Driven by their shared travel nerves, Stefan and Melanie started on a road trip of the special kind in early 2015. They planned to explore 100 countries, scattered across 5 continents, in their 190 D (1989 model). During their tour around the globe, the two adventurers live in a trailer tent, towed by the 190 D.

5c100c – Mercedes-Benz 190 D.
5c100c – Mercedes-Benz 190 D.

One for everything.

Whoever supports their project gets to perpetuate themselves on the vehicle with their signature. More than 400 people already had that honour. Stefan and Melanie are particularly proud of the signatures of YouTuber Casey Neistat and Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche. The decorative factor aside, the collected signatures also serve to increase the car’s value so it can be auctioned off for charity after the trip ends. Before they even set off, the vehicle already had far over 300.000 kilometres on the odometer – nevertheless Stefan and Melanie are confident the car will do just fine. Stefan knew that a “Baby-Benz” was the right choice for an automotive adventure like this, ever since he first came in contact with a 190 during a Paris-Dakar amateur rally.

So far – so good.

Since the start in Brazil they have been making their way up to Alaska, bevor continuing in Europe. Three continents and 19 countries they could cross off the list so far. Currently, the colourfully scrawled Mercedes-Benz of the model series W 201 is on its way from southern Europe to northern Africa. After that the three, that is Stefan, Melanie and their travel sedan, want to go to Asia. Whether or not they will take a detour to Australia really depends on their finances.

Of course there are also some minor setbacks during such an adventure. In Chile for example a shock absorber broke through the engine bay at 4,000 metres altitude and made any driving seem impossible. Only because of a provisionally fastening of the shock absorber the car made it to the workshop which was a 100 kilometres away. Another time, thugs broke into their home on four wheels and stole all valuables, including the expensive camera gear.

5c100c – Mercedes-Benz 190 D.

The journey continues.

Mercedes-Benz wishes Stefan and Melanie all the best on their journey and a lot of success at the RTL fundraising marathon where their trusted travel companion will be sold for a good cause.

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