B-Class: A South Pacific Island Road Trip.

See the full vlog over on the Vagabrothers' channel and join them as they explore the rich biodiversity and blend of cultures in this paradise getaway.

When we talk about explorers and adventure we may think of discovering new places and things no one has ever seen before, claiming unchartered territory and being confronted with challenging new circumstances and characters.

But in a time when there is not much left to discover, what if the real adventure is to find similarities – what connects us rather than what sets us apart? No matter how far we go – if we look closely, we will always find something that originates closer to home than expected and that makes an exotic place not that foreign at all.

A while ago we collaborated with California based travel vloggers Marko and Alex Ayling, better known as the Vagabrothers to the YouTube community, to explore how travelling has changed.

We picked a place that is off the beaten track so to speak, surrounded by water but is known for its rich biodiversity, ever changing landscape and a population that is as diverse as its history is fascinating.