Urban Hunting with the CLA Shooting Brake in Paris.

Exploring modern backyards and historic alleyways in the CLA Shooting Brake.
Text: Sarah Weinknecht
Photo: Moritz Thau

The grande dame, a marvel of constant reinvention.

Few cities elicit the same sense of yearning: Whether Amélie Poulain’s Montmartre, the chansons of Serge Gainsbourg or moody nouvelle vague films – they all make up the cultural mosaic of a city with strong international appeal. After all, Paris is one of Europe’s most exciting metropolises: Visitors can expect culinary highlights, inspiring culture and a certain je ne sais quoi. We set out to discover the ville lumière’s latest hot spots in the CLA Shooting Brake.

Parisian panorama with a Japanese twist.

The futurist Japanese-French eatery Le Kong joined the annals of pop culture when Sarah Jessica Parker of “Sex and the City” dropped in for an on-screen spot of lunch.

Yet even those who didn’t follow the US cult TV series will enjoy the restaurant’s stunning setting – under an expansive glass dome with a view of the Seine and Pont Neuf – as well as impeccably plated delicacies like salmon sashimi with courgette flowers or udon noodles paired with lobster. At night, DJ sets add a laid-back party vibe to match the venue’s first-rate cocktails.

Vintage dreams and contemporary design.

At first glance, L’Eclaireur Saint Ouen at Porte de Clignancourt seems unassuming, hidden as it is behind a thick layer of graffiti and ivy.

Inside the former warehouse, however, premium designer furniture and fashion finds from previous collections by Balenciaga, Céline, Oscar de la Renta and Martin Margiela, ranging from the 1980s to 2000, vie for our attention across 25.000 m² of floor space, while up-and-coming design talents and high-tech fittings add a modern touch to this well-kept secret.

The sweetest sins, packaged like precious gems.

Those who crave a sweet and sinful sugar rush from L’Atelier de L’Éclair should prepare to get there early: Even before the doors of this tiny store on Rue Bachaumont open, long queues often snake around the block.

Patrons are eager to snare one of the beautifully packaged patisserie masterpieces – or enjoy the tasty treats right on site. Beyond traditional sweets, L’Atelier also offers savoury éclairs filled with chorizo and sun-dried tomatoes or goat’s cheese and pesto.

Restaurant hot spot with a touch of art.

A must-see stop and highlight of any Paris trip is Monsieur Bleu, tucked away in the new wing of the city’s Palais de Tokyo. The combination of an excellent menu, a painfully hip, yet traditional interior and a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower makes this a prime Paris location.

Whether an haute couture opening, a pumping Purple Magazine party or simply a straightforward after work drink – Monsieur Bleu always hits the spot, whatever the mood or occasion.

Party with the haute volée.

At night, Paris seduces residents and visitors alike with romantic walks across the many Seine bridges – or a night at VIP ROOM Paris. Here, just a few steps away from the Louvres, those in the know – and on the list – love to dance the night away.

Located underneath the arcades of luxurious Rue de Rivoli the 1,000 m2 club by Jean Roch attracts the city’s VIPs: not only during Fashion Week, but throughout the entire year. Discover the CLA Shooting Brake in six metropolises in our Multimedia Special

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