Adventurer Mike Horn enjoying the view in front of his tent.

Drive 2 Climb K2: the final stage.

Although Mike Horn and his team return home without reaching the summit of K2, there is no lack of positivity or inspiration.

The last fight.

“I have been staring at the K2 summit for more than a month now,” mused Mike towards the end of July. “The same question keeps on repeating in my head, when will I enjoy the privilege of being able to make a serious attempt at pushing to the summit?” After their heroic intercontinental adventure, Mike and his team made it to base camp 3, at an altitude of 6,300 metres. There, they waited for a window of opportunity to allow them to reach the summit.

The team checking the weather conditions before their ascent.
The ascent to the summit of K2 is arduous and exhausting.

Foiled by the elements.

The team set out and managed to make it to a mind-blowing 7,000 metres, before being forced to turn back due to severe weather conditions. The safety of the crew and respect for the might of the mountain always took priority; and anyway, this story was always about the journey, not the conclusion. “I often speak of failure as a big part of my life,” reflected Mike. “Nothing I do is a sure thing, otherwise I would not be doing it. Not knowing… is the most exciting aspect of my life.”

Spanning two worlds.

Returning home invigorated and inspired from this epic escapade, and unfazed by the outcome, Mike thinks only of the team’s achievements and how the experience has enriched his life. “I arrived back in Switzerland to find myself slot back into life as usual, but with memories from some distant place. I cherish these moments when you find yourself in both worlds,” he says. Back home, it doesn’t take Mike long to start thinking about the future, and planning his next adventure.

Adventurer Mike Horn and his team.

“My mind wanders, constantly looking for something new to feed from...When you get addicted to life, all you want to do is to live it to the fullest!” Stay in touch and follow the next adventure of Mike Horn.

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