Mercedes-Benz x Lufthansa: View from a plane.

Mercedes-Benz x Lufthansa.

Leading the way into the future of travel, together.

Let us sit down and think about the future.

We have. In fact, we do all the time. Imagining and wishing are not enough to provoke a change in what comes ahead. We asked ourselves: What would happen if two of the world’s largest mobility enterprises dared to share ideas and resources with one another? We are putting it to the test.

Mercedes-Benz x Lufthansa: G-Class.
Mercedes-Benz x Lufthansa: Filming session.

Two German brands leading the way.

This summer, we joined Lufthansa on their inaugural flight from Frankfurt to San Jose, California. A simple flight, yes. But it also marked the beginning of a shared vision by the two German premium brands; together, the world famous star and crane set out to rethink the future of travel. For a quick impression, watch the video here:


Travelling in the future: How far can you go?

Not a question of distance but rather one of whom you travel with. And of a shared vision. Think about this: Technology constantly elevates us into new realities with added possibilities. What if, within seconds, you could step outside your apartment into a faraway jungle using virtual reality or use augmented reality technology to make your way through unknown territory? But you need to find out if that is even possible. And most importantly, if it is fun, do it!

Mercedes-Benz x Lufthansa: virtual reality device.
Mercedes-Benz x Lufthansa: Dr. Torsten Wingenter, Lufthansa.

Introducing: The Lufthansa FlyingLab.

During the inaugural flight, we launched the world’s first ever flying tech conference and lab – the Lufthansa FlyingLab. Just a taste of things to come. Imagine: A charming cabin crew member handing you some of the world’s latest and innovative entertainment gear during your flight. Such devices allow you to immerse yourself in new realms of digital technology while you can partake in a live conference on board 30,000 feet in the air. At the same time. Just turn your stream on and listen to visionaries presenting ideas on the future of travel, VR, or the latest insights in digital innovation. That’s FlyingLab.

In case you missed it.

On the particular flight to California, Natanael Sijanta (Director Marketing Communications at Mercedes-Benz) presented us with a vision for Instagram. Meanwhile, Dr. Torsten Wingenter (Head of Digital Innovation at Lufthansa) introduced to us the future and possibilities of VR technology.

Mercedes-Benz x Lufthansa: Natanael Sijanta, Mercedes-Benz.

We experienced an inspiring talk about visual storytelling and the notion of living in the moment by Heiko Hebig (Strategic Partnerships, Instagram). Just before landing at our destination, Kyle Schatzel (Press Relations at Visit San Jose) shared the story of how San Jose created the buzz in the valley and what the future still has in stock. For more on FlyingLab:

Mercedes-Benz x Lufthansa: People at the beach.
Mercedes-Benz x Lufthansa: People in front of a wall bearing the Instagram signature.

The journey to Silicon Valley.

Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa invited 10 leading Social Media creatives from around the globe to join in on a Northern California experience and to share it with fans worldwide.

Head over to our Mercedes-Benz MyGuide special and see how we journeyed up the coastline on the legendary Highway 1, surfed Santa Cruz, and even initiated drone-assisted live streams to Facebook and Periscope letting fans of both brands join in on the journey. Find our insider tips here. Get our guide online here.

What’s next: Lufthansa and Mercedes-Benz.

We will continue our collaboration and look forward to realising our vision for the future of travel. Stay with us for more and become a part of the future of mobility!

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