The two lifestyle bloggers Daniela and Silvia on the road in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet.

My Guide: from Basel to Zurich.

Two bloggers take to the road in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet in search of hidden treasures in Switzerland.

A destination in itself.

On the road, the search for inspiring experiences should ideally involve something above and beyond the acquisition of unique impressions: it should also include exceptionally picturesque roads and routes. Silvia and Daniela from Subqult show what it’s like when the road becomes a destination in itself. The two lifestyle bloggers made the journey from Basel to Zurich in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet.

Open-top motoring in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet.

And it was their explicit aim to discover the delights of the road that are not found in any tourist guide: whether it's the simplicity of a small country lane, an almost undiscovered spot on the river or simply the best scrambled eggs in town.

Oberer Rheinweg and Unterer Rheinweg on the banks of the Rhine in Basel attract thousands of people in summer.

Barbecuing, partying and relaxing: Oberer Rheinweg, Basel.

The journey begins at the Rhine. In summer, the Unterer and Oberer Rheinweg on the banks of the river are among the favourite hangouts of Basel’s townsfolk: here you will find more than the classic scenes of masses of locals descending on the riverbanks for barbecues, to party or simply to relax – or the armada of food trucks and ice-cream parlours so typical of idyllic locations in the summer. An ideal starting point for a stroll along the Rhine is the Rhyschänzli Buvette Kaserne Restaurant on the Unterer Rheinweg near the Klingental ferry mooring point. There is a total of five of these “Buvettes” – little wine taverns – along the Kleinbasel (northern) bank of the Rhine. Other attractions of a special kind are to be found here, too. For instance, a stage in the middle of the river, designed as a kind of raft and used above all at the “Im Fluss” festival. Or the “Wickelfisch”, a little watertight floating container you can put your belongings in; then you can hold onto this mini-buoy as you allow yourself to be carried downstream by the river for nearly two kilometres. However, Silvia and Daniela prefer to get back into the comfort of the E-Class Cabriolet. Their journey continues – along the B7 main road.

An exhibition of beauty: the B7.

The B7 main road along the Rhine is remarkable not only for being a stretch of outstanding beauty, but also for the numerous small parking bays on the side of the road. Insider’s tip: the best way to go is to look out for one of the many stopping areas on the way. From these stopping areas, intricate paths wind their way to idyllic spots directly on the water’s edge and into the lush green thicket beyond.

A swimming spot on the Rhine near the B7 main road.

There's plenty of space here, whatever your reason for stopping – maybe to take a quick dip, or your rumbling stomach has reminded you it's time for the picnic, you want to stretch your legs for a bit, or just relax and unwind for a while.

Buelachstrasse, Oberglatt: planespotting for the photo album.

The journey continues on to Buelachstrasse in Oberglatt, to the north side of Zurich airport. Planespotting – the observation at close quarters of planes as they take off and come in to land – is the next item on the agenda. Sipping a cool drink from the “Route 90 Grill” in the warm sunshine and watching the planes approaching the airport to land, this is certainly a moment for Daniela and Silvia’s snapshot album.

Planespotting on Buelachstrasse on the way to Zurich.

Not to mention the road leading there, of course. The best time for planespotting, by the way, is summer, when the sun sets at half-past seven, bathing the landing strip in mild evening sunlight. Stunning pictures can be taken then.

Geroldstrasse in Zurich.

Geroldstrasse, Zurich: the best burgers in town.

Having arrived in Zurich, the two bloggers are looking forward to seeing Geroldstrasse. This is home, amongst other things, to “Frau Gerolds Garten” (Mrs Gerold’s Garden) at house numbers 23 and 23a, an urban gardening terrain made from shipping containers located between the Hardbrücke bridge and the railway lines. From American bankers to students from India and backpackers from Australia: this bustling party district attracts a truly diverse clientele. And they’re all intent on the same thing: enjoying a relaxing few hours. Either here, next door in the open-air club “Rundfunk” or over a bite to eat after work in “Gerold Chuchi” – which has a reputation for serving the best burgers in town (insider’s tip: the “Gerold Börger” is of city-wide fame). Anyone looking for a good time comes here – and nobody leaves disappointed.

Zurlindenstrasse, Zurich: living-room atmosphere in the “Kafi Dihei”.

After a night on the town, of course, there’s nothing better than a hearty breakfast: for example at the “Kafi Dihei” (which means: Café Daheim, or “At-Home “Café”) at Zurlindenstrasse 231, a true insider’s tip in the Sihlfeld district. Inside it has a nostalgic living-room atmosphere, and there is a picturesque outdoor area in the style of an elegant country garden. Rustic delicacies are lovingly prepared and served with great care on vintage tableware, such as the breakfast “Z’Morge Dihei mit Kater” (“morning at home with a hangover”) including scrambled eggs, bacon, “Ahornwürstli” sausage, wedges, onion chutney and home-baked bread. “Kafi Dihei” is the perfect place for Daniela and Silvia to conclude their journey.


The route, including travel tips, can be found at Mercedes me “My Guide” and downloaded as a GPX file.

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