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A California Girl in Rome.

Photographer Nicolee Drake is from California. She has been living in Rome for several years now and shares her photographic impressions of the city and its people on her Instagram account @cucinadigitale.

My Guide Tuscany_ On the Road with Nicolee Drake_Mercedes-Benz International

1000 miles of legendary roads.

Conceived in the 1920s as a long distance race on public roads, today’s Mille Miglia – 1000 miles – is a rally for historic cars that is widely considered one of the greatest races in the world. Teams from all corners of the globe travel to Italy to master the round trip from Brescia to Rome and back. Driving the Mercedes AMG GLA 45, Nicolee is going to introduce us to some of her tips along the route of the Mille Miglia.

From Brescia to Rome. Torrenieri is part of the town of Montalcino in Siena province just a couple of hours north of Rome. On winding roads through rolling hills drenched in hues from ochre to wheat gold and honey yellow, we drive past tiny villages, lush vineyards, and the ever present cypress trees. Stunning views and countless sights are only half the experience, though: culinary delights a plenty await in the small restaurants and cafés along the way.

Historic spas in Bagno Vignoni.

The area around Bagno Vignoni boasts plenty of spas, thermal baths, and wellness oases, some dating back to Roman times. The beautiful spa “Albergo le Terme” is a small jewel in a 15th century building directly at the springs. After relaxing at this tranquil paradise we are ready to take in the sight of the historic cars making their way up the hill and through the village during Mille Miglia.

My Guide Tuscany_ On the Road with Nicolee Drake_Mercedes-Benz International
My Guide Tuscany_ On the Road with Nicolee Drake_Mercedes-Benz International

Taking in the view in Pienza.

The small town of Pienza is barely 16 km from Bagno Vignoni. The fortified village on a hilltop is famous for its early renaissance piazza with cathedral, town hall, and Palazzo Piccolomini, as well as its sweeping views of the Tuscan landscape below. Be it early in the morning, for afternoon coffee, or aperitivo and dinner at dusk – the relaxed elegance of this idyllic village leaves a lasting impression. An added bonus: the twisting road that leads up the hill to Pienza makes for a thrilling driving adventure.

Roman Holiday.

In Rome the Gianicolo hill provides the best view over the city. Particularly romantic in the evening, when the setting sun drenches the city in pink and orange hues. It is, however, a lot less bustling early in the morning: This is the time when you can enjoy the city’s most famous sights minus the usual hordes of tourists. The best way to finish your little morning tour? A typical Italian breakfast to go (espresso or cappuccino and a cornetto – the Italian croissant).

My Guide Tuscany: On the Road with Nicolee Drake-mercedes-benz-international

La Dolce Vita.

The sight of the stunning historic cars in silver, red, sky blue, yellow, white, or pitch black driving down Via Vittorio Veneto, Rome’s most glamorous stretch of road, lets you forget what decade you’re in.

To stick with the classic theme, it is recommended rounding off the evening in Harry’s Bar (located right on Via Vittorio Veneto). Made famous by Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita”, the bar is the perfect place to enjoy an Aperol Spritz or Bellini in a sumptuous atmosphere.


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