The CLS Coupé and the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm try to outshine each other in the beautiful winter weather.

Season’s Greetings: To Heiligendamm with Mercedes-Benz.

The journey to the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm at the Baltic Sea for a pre-Christmas weekend away.

Photos: Alexander Qureitem

Travelling in style.

Cold and windy, but dry: The weather conditions during the pre-Christmas season are ideal for a weekend trip. After a two-hour drive through the tree-lined roads leading straight to the sea, Berlin’s hectic pace is forgotten. Destination: the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm.

The two-hour drive to Heiligendamm in the Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupé and CLS Shooting Brake seem to pass in the blink of an eye.

Well-earned peace.

The mild Baltic Sea weather welcomes guests to the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm – Germany’s oldest seaside resort is a beautiful sight in winter. The Grand Hotel Heiligendamm is located right next to the sea. Its six classical style buildings and the extensive park cover some 80,000 square metres.

Majestic at dawn: The CLS Shooting Brake and the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm with its classic architecture.

This creates a sense of well-earned seclusion, something which the guests enjoy to the fullest.

The chef of the Kurhaus Restaurant, Steffen Duckhorn, preparing a dish. Precision and passion transform his dishes into a unique culinary experience.

Top-class comfort.

The Gourmet Restaurant Friedrich Franz has not only earned a Michelin star but also offers a gracious and distinctive atmosphere for fine dining. During the pre-Christmas season the entire building is lovingly decorated, creating an incredible combination of the Baltic Sea's unique light and the warm illumination after dusk.

Steffen Duckhorn's culinary expertise ensures that the feast for the eyes becomes a feast in every sense of the word.

The mild seaside climate draws the guests out onto the terrace – the perfect place to relax with a warm drink.

Inviting pre-Christmas cheer.

The Christmas tree shines with more than 10,000 lights; right on time for the first Advent weekend, it becomes the luminous centre point of the majestic ensemble of buildings. In winter, every last nook and cranny of the Grand Hotel radiates a sense of comfort. 25 Christmas trees fill the hotel with a scent of pine and create a sense of Christmas spirit throughout the entire resort. A large Advent wreath shows the guests the way to the Kurhaus Restaurant and alone the six metre high Christmas tree in the lobby bears 300 different Christmas baubles.

A trip through the coastal region.

Despite all of the peaceful seclusion, the Grand Hotel is by no means cut off from historical places of interest. The traditional spa region on the Baltic Sea invites visitors to experience the 200 year history of the seaside resorts on a tour throughout the region. Or even a daring race in “Molly”, one of the world’s oldest resort railways.

A loyal companion: off to the sea with the CLS Coupé.

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