Matthias Schweighöfer is driving the new A-Class in the movie

Star among stars.

Dazzling fans on street and screen: Mercedes-Benz revs up the glam with cinematic collaborations like Schlussmacher and Kokowääh 2!
Matthias Schweighöfer, Milan Peschel and the ne A-Class in the movie

Mercedes-Benz in movies.

On screen and behind the scenes, Germany’s acting A-listers like to drive cars that reflect their starring status. Take the latest blockbusting features by popular German leads Matthias Schweighöfer and Til Schweiger who both gave their four-wheeled extras key roles in their latest celluloid outings.

With plenty of charm and character their films Schlussmacher (break-up pro) and Kokowääh 2 (a phonetic transliteration of coq au vin) circumnavigate the precarious cliffs and complications of everyday existence, backed by their trusty automotive companions. And while Schweighöfer explores Germany in an agile A-Class, Schweiger braves Berlin’s streets and relationship cul-de-sacs in a CLS Shooting Brake.

Road trip with the A-Class.

Schweighöfer, who gave his directing debut with “What a Man”, once again takes the helm with a German chart topping feature that promises to break quite a few crowd-pleasing records on the way. In the charming feature, the bumbling Berliner helps timid clients to dump their unsuspecting partners as the film’s eponymous break-up agent (“Schlussmacher”) Paul. Yet soon enough, his victims’ emotional turmoil threatens to spill over into his own life …

Schweighöfer’s beautiful homage to detours in love and life and action-packed road trip not only celebrates the all too human pitfalls of interpersonal endeavours, but also his compact companion. After all, the new A-Class gives Schweighöfer plenty of room to store and explore the concentrated chaos that is about to descend on him.

Matthias Schweighöfer, Milan Peschel and the new A-Class in the movie

A dream team in the making, both car and star get to shine and play off each other’s strength – until the very happy end.

Sovereign partner.

Thanks to this winning constellation Schlussmacher realised the best first week results in the German-language market since Til Schweiger’s Kokowääh (2011) and thus adds another star to the crown of Mercedes-Benz’ recent film collaborations. And while we are on the latter actor/director, Schweiger’s brand new sequel, Kokowääh 2, promises to pick up where his immensely successful comedy left off in 2011: A mere two years after Kokowääh’s eclectic patchwork family’s dramatic last-minute reconciliation, there is once again trouble brewing in paradise.

Til Schweiger drives the CLS Shooting Brake in the movie

Confronted with circumstances beyond his control, film producer Henry (Schweiger) needs to wrangle cheeky kids, equally demanding would-be stars (Schweighöfer) and a double-dad situation. His welcome oasis and temporary retreat: the sleek and secure CLS Shooting Brake, which gets him out of most sticky or tricky situations.

With its distinct design and elegant lines, the car is a perfect match for Henry’s sophisticated and ambitious film maker role – and thus continues the fruitful long-term collaboration between Schweiger and Mercedes-Benz. Working together since 1995, the brand and director can look back on German box office smashes like Keinohrhasen, Zweiohrküken, Kokowääh and Schutzengel.

For a closer look at these cinematic collaborations, check out Schlussmacher in a cinema near you; Kokowääh 2 will be released to the general public on February 7th 2013 after a glamorous premiere at Berlin’s Sony Center.

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