Urban Hunting with the CLA Shooting Brake in Madrid.

With his latest venture, StreetXO, chef Dabiz Muñoz takes his radically reworked high-end cuisine to the streets – where he meets the CLA Shooting Brake.
Direction: Kaspar Lerch
Photos: Alberto van Stokkum

Dabiz Muñoz: The knife-wielding rock star of StreetXO.

To call Dabiz Muñoz an artist is certainly no exaggeration. Long before it opens, the 35-year-old Michelin chef’s street food restaurant StreetXO already attracts the sizeable queue of a popular concert. His dishes – a vibrant blend of Spanish tradition and Asian aromas – enchant eyes and taste buds alike with their spectacular presentation and unusual flavour pairings.

Or have you ever tried the unique combination of Korean lasagna with Galician beef, shiitake mushrooms and a cardamom-infused béchamel sauce?

The plate as a canvas.

Before Muñoz cooked up a storm with his premium street food, the radical kitchen punk already boasted three Michelin stars for his restaurant DiverXO. Here, the plates serve as a generous canvas for inspired edible masterpieces. Muñoz loves to coax the exceptional from his guests and ingredients, to prepare dishes like Chinese dumplings with crispy pig ears and fruity strawberry hoisin sauce – all while wearing straitjackets. So, be prepared for a healthy dose of mad genius.

Uncompromising life and cuisine.

Muñoz approaches his life with the same uncompromising outlook that he displays in the kitchen. Running the New York marathon a day before a full shift? Check.

Staging oneself in a short film with raw meat, blood and plenty of make-up nearly as in a music video? Done – as seen on his home page.

Beyond mainstream: the CLA Shooting Brake.

When we join Dabiz Muñoz in the CLA Shooting Brake for a ride on the majestic Gran Via and through the narrow alleyways of Madrid’s hot Malasaña quarter, passers-by can’t help but stare. Both the expressive, athletic car and its driver – sporting his unmistakable trademark mohawk – capture all eyes and cameras.

Muñoz is truly at home in this city: Ready to go his own way and to conquer the rest of the world.

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