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  • Straight as an arrow: On the move in the Himalayas, travellers encounter vast expanses of landscape over hundreds of kilometres.

    14,000 km of highs.

    From Hamburg to Hong Kong: in 2018 the New Silk Road Rally was once again one of the greatest adventures to be experienced at the wheel of a car.

    Text: Jörg Heuer | Photos: Constantin Mirbach

The ultimate experience for human and machine.

This rally is much more than just an adventure on four wheels. It is accompanied by teams of mechanics, and even by medical personnel. It is the ultimate experience for both human and machine.

For example on China National Highway 219, which holds the world altitude record for highways with an average of 4,000 metres above sea level – or when crossing passes, where the classics had to climb to over 5,000 metres...

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