• Stars on two legs and four wheels, surrounded by excited pupils of Bernhard Overberg School in Recklinghausen.

    Ralf Moeller: Living the dream! classic magazine

    Actor Ralf Moeller has been living the dream in California for a long time. We met up with him in Recklinghausen, Germany, the town of his birth, along with a 230 S – the “Big Fintail”. A meeting of giants.

Beaming with delight.

A smile flashes across the Hollywood hero’s face. But perhaps “smile” is something of an understatement: Ralf Moeller is actually beaming with delight! Some pleasant memories have clearly been unearthed here.

The actor has just stepped into the road cruiser after inspecting it from all sides, and he is familiarising himself with the “Big Fintail” parked in the morning sunshine. A giant of a man, he instinctively ducks his head...

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