Mercedes-Benz sends four miniature models into the stratosphere.

20 Million Facebook fans – time to fly high.

Mercedes-Benz says “Thank You” to all its fans for reaching a social media milestone with a 360-degree perspective flight into the stratosphere.

A very special flight.

Chances are you’ve never seen Mercedes-Benz SUVs like this: a registering balloon takes four miniature models into the stratosphere and sets the scene with 360-degree video technology. Both the rapid rise and the calm floating through space can be adjusted in any direction while watching the film.

The team sets up the equipment and prepares all of the Mercedes-Benz models shortly before the action starts.

Some 15 kilometres away but still close enough to the action for a very special flight!

The team followed the weather balloon via GPS in three G-Class vehicles.

An adventurous movie.

An additional film follows the Mercedes-Benz team during the set-up stage for the flight. After the weather balloon is prepared the adventurous SUV Tour begins. First the cameras as well as the 1:43 scale models of the G-Class, the GLE Coupé, G 65 and GLC are attached to the weather balloon. Next the team calculates the flight paths and all weather conditions are tested. Subsequently, the weather balloon rises and the team follows it via GPS in three G-Class vehicles. Will it get back to earth safely?

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