Creating the unexpected.

UK Designer Paul Cocksedge talks about what motivates him and being true to one’s vision at London’s 100% Design Fair 2012.
Text: Gabriel Tamez
Photos: Mark Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge rounds the corner to throw a firm handshake and immediately launches into a question of what I think about the auditorium design; it gives him time to yawn. Back on track, one of Britain’s leading – and busiest – young designers humorously states: “It’s all air isn’t it? Maybe I should have thought about it more acoustically.” Having founded London-based Paul Cocksedge Studios with Joana Pinho, his inspiration is quite simple: Do what no one else does.

And that belief has brought him this year to 100% Design at the cavernous Earls Court Exhibition Centre. He’s tackled the challenge of conceiving the main auditorium walls out of what seems like nothing. Layered and intertwined, the nearly invisible thread-thin wires are strung and pulled to create an ephemeral cocoon that wraps the auditorium section. Affected by spotlights from above, the design glistens like a dewed spider web. From within, the wires tenuously define the space, and from without, they become an object of wonder.

Inspired, Mercedes-Benz asked Cocksedge to create a piece in collaboration with the Concept Style Coupé being exhibited at this event. The surprising result – four Electro Luminescent Wires forming a spatial net of green glowing diagonal slashes that are mirrored as evocative curves along the reflective car body. Interviewing the innovator just outside this installation, he elaborates on his personal lifestyle, design inspirations, and ideologies that allow him to generate such creations.

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