• The US-American singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz on stage at the jazzopen 2018

    Let it swing! Mercedes-Benz sponsors the 25th Stuttgart jazzopen.

    As premium sponsor of the 25th Stuttgart jazzopen Mercedes-Benz not only ensured a great atmosphere on the main stage. Also, the supposedly more unknown stars had their big gig – on an X-Class.

The Schlossplatz in Stuttgart – an international stage.

The Schlossplatz in Stuttgart: with its magnificent “Neues Schloss” (new palace), its huge baroque park and the renowned state theatre, the wide square offers splendid views of the vibrant part of the Swabian capital. It is located right next to the Königsstraße, the largest shopping mile in Europe. Within eyeshot, the Mercedes-Benz star sits proudly atop the tower of Stuttgart’s main station. Once a year, the Schlossplatz magically draws thousands of fans and numerous celebrities of the international jazz, blues, soul and pop scene to the southern German car manufacturing city: during the jazzopen Stuttgart.

The tail of the X-Class with the jazzopen Slogan
An X-Class with jazzopen stickers on the Schlossplatz.

Grand entrance for the X-Class.

Lenny Kravitz & Gary Clark Jr., Jamie Cullum & Joss Stone, Gregory Porter and the Kraftwerk techno pioneers – with its 25th edition, the festival once again showed that it is on a par with the major European stages. On top of that, Mercedes-Benz came up with a special attraction for the anniversary edition. The music lovers had just been preparing for the show of Jamiroquai when soulful tunes rang out. But where from? They did not come from the main stage. They came from the band Soul Diamonds, that spread a good mood in advance by playing music right next to the X-Class. Singer Eva Leticia Padilla was even using the truck bed as a mini-stage for her performance.

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The lifestyle vehicle is received well by musicians, too.

Besides the concert of the Soul Diamonds, Mercedes-Benz organised four additional concerts like this. Among others, the Tübingen-based brass band The Louisiana Funky Butts performed on the vehicle. Consisting of a strong five-part brass section, a drum duo and an exceptionally deep sounding sousaphone they made the X-Class swinging. On the contrary, the saxophonist Derek Brown was playing on his own. With his unique style of making music, which includes producing beat-boxing sounds with the saxophone, he was equally drawing the attention of the visitors. In this way, even the supposedly more unknown artists had their “big stage”.

The Stuttgart band Soul Diamonds put everyone in high spirits at the jazzopen 2018.
The German hip-hop group Die Fantastischen Vier on stage at the jazzopen 2018.

The shuttle service is provided by the S-Class and V-Class.

Moreover, the brand with the star made life a lot easier for the musicians by setting up an exclusive shuttle service for them. “Die Fantastischen Vier”, Twana Rhodes, Omer Avital, Pat Metheny and others were conveniently taken to their venues during the ten days of the festival by Mercedes-Benz S-Class and V-Class vehicles.