Light-painting in real-time.

On account of the nine million Mercedes-Benz Facebook fans the CLS Shooting Brake is enveloped in a special light created in a live-painting action by Finnish Anssi Määttä.
Text: Sissy Dille
Photos: Susanna Honkasalo

Spectacular: 40 different “movable lights”.

Light-painting has long been established as a form of expression in contemporary art, but it was Finnish director Anssi Määtä whose goal it was to go far beyond the boundaries of the genre. Almost a year ago he developed the idea of realising live-painting videos, which do not refer to photos that are then animated by means of stop-motion technique as it is customary. No, Anssi’s goal was to catch as many motion pictures as possible: this way the artist’s entire actions are recorded in real-time with the help of a camera, thus giving the viewer a chance to understand and appreciate the creative process of the final product. The result shows impressive pictures of “movable light” in real-time.

The milestone Mercedes-Benz celebrates is equally impressive: nine million Facebook fans. Reason enough to set up something really spectacular – taking well over 40 different lights, the artist created a kaleidoscope of colours, which he captured in an exclusively produced video.

Mercedes-Benz says thank you for 9,000,000 fans on Facebook!

The set took place not even two metres from the sea in Helsinki – enough space for the production showing the CLS Shooting Brake. Under typical Finnish conditions in the pouring rain the entire team worked hard on the project in the middle of the night, but the reason behind the action was crystal clear to everyone: to make it an event to remember and say a big “Thank you” to the Mercedes-Benz fans.

The result of our cooperation – the new Anssi Määttä live-light video for nine million Mercedes-Benz Facebook fans as well as the making-of photos showing the shooting in Finland – can be seen above.

And those who are interested can follow up the reaction on the nine-million-fans video on the Mercedes-Benz Facebook page and hopefully feel inspired to prove their own artistic skills by uploading their personal light art on the Facebook website.

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