Some 50 paper bas make up the canvas for the colourful depiction of a modern urban utopia.

Mercedes-Benz reaches 15 million Facebook fans.

To mark 15 million fans on Facebook, the artist Thitz has created an artwork of paper bags.

A very special present.

It’s a summer of records. Germany’s football team won the World Cup and Miroslav Klose scored his 16th World Cup goal to overtake Ronaldo as the top scorer of all time in the competition. Yet it’s not just football where new records are being set. Not long after the events in Rio de Janeiro, somewhere in the world – perhaps even in Brazil – an enthusiastic fan clicked the blue “Like” button on Facebook: and at precisely that moment, the number of Mercedes-Benz fans rose to 15,000,000.

That loyalty is now being rewarded: to mark each new million milestone, Mercedes-Benz is treating its Facebook fans to an insight into the world of exceptional international artists.

The Swabian artist in front of his collage of paper bags and acrylic

Fittingly, on this occasion it's a Swabian artist whose work is being showcased to mark the new record. Thitz, as the artist is simply known, has devoted his talents to a very particular object: the paper bag.

A work of art in the making - the first bags have arrived from fans from all over the world.

Communication at several levels.

There was an amazing response to an appeal to Mercedes-Benz fans on Facebook to send distinctive paper bags to the artist. With over 100 bags received in Winterbach in Swabia, almost half of them are now underneath a colourful layer of acrylic paint. Thitz has tried to use especially distinctive or unique bags. He has incorporated them into a collage to mark the new milestone on Facebook. The main themes of the work are mobility, urbanity, internationality, brands and people – concepts that are central not only to Thitz’s work of art but also to Mercedes-Benz.

Multimedia interaction.

The artist discovered his love of paper bags back in the 1980s. While studying painting, he began to make sketches on the bags in which he bought his bread rolls. An idea born not just of a student’s lack of resources, but also of an innovator’s inventiveness. Since that time, the man from Swabia has been incorporating paper bags into his art. Whether as an interactive room installation or in the form of two-dimensional images – there’s always plenty to discover in his works. His art now travels the world under the theme of “Bag Art Global”.

Mobility and communication also play a key role in the “hidden object picture” to mark the Facebook fan milestone.

A picture that tells stories from all over the world at several levels.

Depending on the distance from which the picture is viewed, new details can be discovered – including bags from Daimler AG, whose logo can clearly be made out within the colourful collage. As another thank you to Facebook fans, anyone can link to the detail images to become part of the work of art.

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