Sharing Berlin.

A photo essay featuring the car2go black B-Class.
Production: Sarah Weinknecht
Photos: Stephanie Pfaender

Exploring Berlin with car2go black.

For Mercedes-Benz, photographer Stephanie Pfaender and stylist Viviane Hausstein took the B-Class for a spin to produce a photo essay for car2go black on the topic of sharing. For the right backdrop and location, they picked one of the German capital’s most stunning hotels, the Stue, as well as Crackers, the latest eatery by Berlin nightlife impresario Cookie. The result of their joint creation is a fun and expressive riot of images that inspires and delights in equal measures.

Edgy, yet elegantly feminine.

At first glance, Stephanie Pfaender’s motifs might not seem especially spectacular. Her distinctive style is all about her personal perception and staging.

Both edgy and elegant, the Berlin photographer’s cool and feminine aesthetic has made her the go-to darling of publications like Interview, I Love You or ZEIT Magazin.

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Sharing Berlin.


What does a motif need to capture your eye?  I am an emotional creature and quickly notice if a motif intrigues me. Sometimes, however, I also stumble across sights that might not move me at first glance, yet reveal a lot more once I take a closer look.

What do you associate with “sharing“? What came to mind when you found out about the shooting’s overall motto? As I am an only child, I was always told that I must be bad at sharing. Actually, that wasn’t true at all – I have always loved to share since having it all to myself was the norm for me. At the same time, sharing is a huge topic with lots of room for different interpretations.

What do you think of car2go? I love the service. Being able to just grab a car whenever you need one without any further obligations is incredibly handy. Especially in metropolises with their myriad options to get from A to B – and where plans change all the time – car2go is a great addition to the traffic mix.

So, if you had the choice – is there anyone you would love to get in front of your camera? Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to enjoy a martini with Vanessa Paradis and capture it all with my camera. I love the gap in her teeth and I think she just keeps getting cooler with age.

Locations: Das Stue & Crackers

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