100 percent of the proceeds from the in-app purchase of the new Mercedes AMG GT sports car go to the (RED) foundation.

The Mercedes-AMG GT as an exclusive download for CSR Racing.

The new sports car is available in CSR Racing as part of Apple and RED’s APPS FOR (RED) campaign.

Racing against AIDS.

CSR Racing is one of the most successful games in the App Store with more than 100 million downloads since launch. It is also one of 25 apps participating in the Apps for (RED) campaign. The principle: During the campaign period from November 24th to December 7th, all of the proceeds from the purchase of the apps or in-app purchases go to the Global Fund in the fight against AIDS. Fans of high-speed sports cars and thrilling duels should not hesitate: the new Mercedes-AMG GT is only available to purchase  in CSR Racing as part of the campaign with hundred percent of proceeds to go to (RED)’s fight against AIDS.

A screenshot from CSR Racing.

(RED) is a charitable foundation established by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 and supports sufferers in the fight against AIDS. Every day more than 650 babies are born by HIV positive mothers. However, antiretroviral treatment can stop the disease from being transferred from the mother to the child – (RED) supports the procedure through donations in order to enable a completely AIDS-FREE GENERATION.

A screenshot from CSR Racing.

Competition with a history.

Drag racing is a form of racing with a history. We find ourselves in 1950s post-war America. Two cars’ engines scream as they stand at the traffic lights in the middle of the town. The two drivers ride the clutches and rev the engines. The traffic lights turn green – and they’re off! Who will reach the next traffic lights, intersection or the next block first? Always faster, always more thrilling. Drag racing enthusiasts everywhere begin to remove the mudguards, the roof and even the hood to make their vehicles lighter. These racing machines with exposed, red-hot engine parts become known as “hot rods”. Old airfields and dried up salt lakes soon serve as racetracks – and the name “drag race” is born.

More than 100 million downloads: CSR Racing’s popularity is exploding.

You can also experience the thrill of achieving top speeds and crossing the finish line first on your smartphone or tablet. CSR Racing is the perfect drag racing action game and depends on more than just the vehicle itself: only those with the best skills and fast reflexes win. The app game offers more than 85 licensed vehicles – including numerous Mercedes-Benz cars – together with thrilling competitions with breathtaking graphics and a multiplayer mode. In addition to purchasing boosters, upgrades and cosmetic modifications for the vehicles, the players can also compete in a worldwide tournament to join crews and win victories. The adrenaline kick in CSR racing is pre-programmed – standard feature. The app itself is free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

In CSR Racing the Mercedes-AMG GT can be bought as an in-app purchase – The proceeds go to the AIDS foundation (RED).

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