Visual self-portrait.

Hungarian artist Petra Péterffy realised a very personal project: five questions answered in five images.
Text: Sissy Dille
Photos: Florian Reimann

Collage designerin with ambitions.

Petra Péterffy is full of life and drive, buzzing with a huge wish list for the next few years and her artistic endeavours. Now based in Berlin, the Budapest-born collage designer is just starting to unleash her creativity and takes inspiration from pretty much everything that crosses her path. To this end, she records her impressions in a small notebook – or with one of her vintage cameras.

Imbued with plenty of passion, she loves to show people and objects in a different context, gives her pictures room to breathe and tell their own stories or depicts situations from alternative perspectives.

An extraordinary interview.

Ambitious to the core, her elaborate works take time to reach the finishing line: After all, Péterffy’s collages are easily as complex as her interests and goals. Future projects and aims include: furniture design, perfecting her illustration style or simply getting her kitchen painted – as she divulges over a cup of tea. More than reason enough to ask her to participate in an experiment resp. slightly unusual interview set-up: We intend to ask her five questions to be answered via images, not words, giving the artist full visual freedom to translate her thoughts into tangible visions. The result: five personal works of art.

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