• E-Class Coupé – “Respect the Past”.

    E-Class Coupé – “Respect the Past”.

    Guest feature: Highsnobiety on tour with the E-Class Coupé in Barcelona.

With the E-Class Coupé through Barcelona.

Barcelona is the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea, its character balances the past with the present creating a dynamic urban city and historic Mediterranean capital. In our latest video with Mercedes-Benz, we explored the city’s compelling culture through the eyes of Sören Manzoni. Watch OG-Skater and DJ Sören Manzoni take the new E-Class Coupé for a spin through Barcelona.

Respect for the past.

Manzoni experienced and influenced several cultural changes in Barcelona that followed the 1992 Summer Olympics. He played a significant role in growing the skate and surf scenes in the city and continues to help develop its nightlife through his events agency and DJing. As a first generation surfer and early skater in Barcelona, Manzoni had to maintain his integrity when faced with scorn. For him, respecting the past and its influence on the present, and focusing on the positives in his life helped him continue striving.

Sportiness and luxury combined.

Powered by the metropolis, Manzoni tells his story and takes the E-Class Coupé around the city in our energetic new video “Respect the Past”. The E-Class Coupé combines sportiness and luxury into an intelligent and powerful vehicle.

E 400 4MATIC Coupé:
Fuel consumption combined: 8.4–8.1 l/100 km;
combined CO₂ emissions: 189–183 g/km.*