Este Lugar: This Place – Mexico.

Following the call of a place that was new and exciting, mountain climber Jacob Holmstead found a second home – and the love of his life.

Text: Hadassa Haack
Photos: CoLab Creative, Hadassa Haack


A home away from home.

Sometimes, what feels like home is not home at all. We can fall in love with a place that has no connection to our past or present life at all. It has a hold on us and we keep returning until maybe one day, it changes the course of our lives forever. Even if decide not to stay, it can enrich our lives and add another layer of emotions and experience that we would never have found had we not followed the call to explore further.

Climbing in Mexico.

We explore this topic in our visual journey through Mexico. Meet Jacob and Kayla who are both from the USA, where they lived not too far from each other. They crossed paths, not once but twice in the country they both love while doing what they love – climbing in Mexico. Today, they are married and go on their outdoor adventures together as much as they can.

El Chonta.

Their story is about their love for Mexico and their passion for climbing. We follow them as they drive from Mexico City into the mountains to Taxco, a beautiful town renowned for its silver jewellery. Here in the wilderness, they are searching for El Chonta, a 182-metre deep lime stone cave filled with enormous stalactites that make for around 50 highly challenging climbing routes.

Home is...

Maybe home is not where you come from but where you are going. Or maybe true love is found where one longs to be. Most certainly, home simply is where the heart is.

Watch the short film above and follow Jacob and Kayla on their road trip through Mexico and into the stunning cave they climbed.

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