• Mercedes-Benz TIDAL Soundboard.

    Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Playlists on TIDAL.

    Mercedes-Benz is partnering with TIDAL and presents selected music for the road and at home.

Excellent quality for breathtaking entertainment.

In the next few months, Mercedes-Benz customers having connected their car with the Mercedes me portal will be able to access a complimentary TIDAL HIFI membership. Customers will be able to stream more than 50 million songs and over 185,000 music videos plus hundreds of carefully curated playlists, free of charge for twelve months in their vehicles, on their smartphones or at home on their music systems. After the complimentary trial, customers can continue to use the TIDAL subscription to access albums, live streams, and TIDAL X concerts for €9.99 (premium quality) or €19.99 (hi-fi quality). Below you find a selection of exclusive Mercedes-Benz playlists you can enjoy at home and in your car.

Ready for the Road Trip.

This is the perfect playlist for a fun road trip with your friends! No matter where you are going, with these hits it’s going to be a blast!

Summer Vibes.

Get the summer on with these relaxed sunshine beats. Whether you’re driving to the beach or enjoying the good weather with the top down, this is the playlist for sunny days!

Drive to the Party.

Get the party started before the party and just have a good time!

Relaxed Beats.

This is your ultimate chill-out playlist for relaxed moments! Whether you’re relaxing alone, hanging out with your friends, or calming down after a busy day!

Classic Selection.

The Mercedes-Benz Classics playlist with the best works of top composers!

Date Night.

Let’s get romantic! If your date still doesn’t fall for you, we can’t help you...

Time to Grow Up.

Open your ears to this talented roster of emerging acts and songs you’re bound to keep on repeat.

Highway Driving.

Hits for getting you in the right mood for a joyful ride on the freeway!

Energy Boost.

Get your energy back with these upbeat songs! To start your day right and get the motivation right on or to stay awake after a long drive, these hits will definitely help you to get an energy boost!