Dree Hemingway in Champions of Fashion.

The latest Mercedes-Benz fashion campaign transforms model, actress and artistic offspring Dree Hemingway into a glamorous Bond siren.
Text: Nicole Urbschat

Hippie girl meets French chic.

On the red carpet, you are more likely to spot Dree Hemingway in a grey sweater meets cocktail dress combo than a slinky evening gown. With her irresistibly laid-back looks, the 27-year-old talent has perfected the blend of dreamy hippie, all-American girl and Parisian chic. Back in the days, during her childhood in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, the great-granddaughter of author Ernest Hemingway had down-to-earth dreams: She loved to stage musicals for her dogs or sell lemonade at her roadside stand.

When she later moved to Los Angeles to attend acting school, the teenager found herself confronted with a world that, in a way, should have been second nature to the daughter of actress Mariel Hemingway and niece of famous seventies super model Margaux. In 2009, Dree decided to make Paris her home – and discovered what might be her most formative city. “Paris is my Mecca. This is where I honed my sense of fashion.”

Indie icon in Hollywood.

And fashion, in turn, has discovered her merits: Straight after her move to the City of Love, Dree made her catwalk debut for Givenchy, followed by runway stints for Calvin Klein and Chanel as well as advertising campaigns for Gucci, Valentino and Jean-Paul Gaultier. At the same time, the versatile performer shows plenty of silver screen promise: After starring in Sean Baker’s drama “Starlet” (2012), critics feted Dree as Hollywood’s new indie icon. Where others sell their pretty face, Dree not only owns her roles, but considers them part of an overall work of art.

Racy role reversal.

But that’s just one of many reasons why she claimed the spotlight of “Champions of Fashion“, the Mercedes-Benz Autumn/Winter 2015 fashion campaign. Despite her trademark casual style, Dree not only moonlights in an extravagant, revealing Hugo Boss gown, but also works a professional racing suit.

A role reversal that furthers photographer Collier Schorr’s artistic oeuvre – who loves to play with identities and gender roles – as well as Hemingway’s own explorations. “This campaign allowed me to finally play a mysterious and glam femme fatale, a kind of Bond girl. For me, that’s a refreshing change because I’m usually typecast as the bohemian, arty type”, adds Hemingway. And easily claims pole position – in the world of fashion and the Mercedes-Benz fashion film.

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