Making-of: the Autumn/Winter 2015 fashion campaign.

Collier Schorr, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Dree Hemingway reveal the challenges that drove this exceptional shoot.

Facing the challenge

Flanking one of today’s most powerful drives, the new Mercedes-AMG GT, Formula One pilots-slash-colleagues Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg join one of the season’s most sought-after models and actresses in the fashionable spotlight: Dree Hemingway. For the Autumn/Winter 2015 Mercedes-Benz fashion campaign, the intrepid trio finds itself united in a fast-paced adventure that forges a link between fashion and racing. A welcome challenge for all those involved, but especially so for high-octane stars Rosberg and Hamilton who usually focus on the track to shave off some essential milliseconds.

“I don’t consider myself a model. But this shoot is pretty cool and takes us out of our comfort zone”, explains Hamilton. Meanwhile, model and actress Dree Hemingway has fallen under the spell of the Mercedes-AMG GT. “Accessorizing with a car? That’s pretty unusual, but incredibly great. I have never done anything like this before.”

Testing boundaries.

And the thrilling threesome is the perfect match for photo artist Collier Schorr, the mind and eye behind this year’s key visual and fashion film. After all, it is her mission to capture the unbridled energy between Rosberg, Hamilton and Hemingway – between automotive and fashion realm – in (moving) images.

“Usually, it is all about: one car, one girl. This time, however, these two were joined by the Formula One team of Nico and Lewis, plus the vintage flair of the Mercedes-Benz C111. I wanted to tie all of these disparate elements together through their strong, almost tangible charisma”, adds Schorr.

Team: Formula Fashion.

The masterful interplay of boundaries – and their perception – also drives the campaign’s fashion film. Here, Hemingway, Hamilton and Rosberg switch and change between aerodynamic racing suit and suave evening attire to explore the roles of racing and glamour as well as the boundaries between masculine dynamics and feminine elegance. Yet despite all differences and disparities, the result is an exciting new team in a league of its own: Formula Fashion.

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