Dorothee Schumacher & The Selby.

The Selby shoots fashion designer Dorothee Schumacher in her charming villa while she shows usher home and menagerie.
Text: Hadassa Haack
Photos: Todd Selby

Approaching work with the right attitude.

We’ve collaborated with Todd Selby aka The Selby before and we’ve got plenty of coverage on Dorothee Schumacher’s successful fashion label. The former may be the hipster world’s favourite WYSIWYG photographer, illustrator and, more recently, filmmaker Todd Selby aka The Selby and the latter one of the few German fashion designers that made it all the way into Hollywood’s walk-in closets Dorothee Schumacher, you will find two inspiring examples of how to approach work: namely, not at all.

With tenacity and creativity to success.

Simply (or so it seems) by being passionate about something, finding a niche and then stubbornly pursuing it while being unapologetic about doing only what feels right (Selby declined a national newspaper’s 20-odd ideas for a shoot while Schumacher happily adds girly bows, ribbons and the colour nude to her designs even if minimalism were the new black).This is what the fashion doyenne and the photographer have in common and what has brought them into the realm of commercial success where they are now.

Fashion, travel and inspiration.

So bring these two creative minds together (as we recently did at Schumacher’s charming villa near Mannheim) and you’ll end up with a miniature pony in the library, an enormous moody pig in the kitchen and a Mercedes-Benz G-Class disappearing off-road into the forest. While the fashion designer fearlessly climbs the ladder to the chicken house in her high-heels, Todd Selby tries piggyback riding on the aptly named Mr Pig, who seems unconcerned except for the current lack of food.

In between they talk fashion, travel, inspiration and the house brims with positive energy, the smell of home-cooked food and the many friendly faces of all ages belonging to the Schumacher clan.

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