Mercedes-Benz Fashion Creatives

Fashion Creatives: Justin O’Shea is our selfie specialist.

In this short film, failed selfies change our protagonist’s look in real life – and a “selfie specialist” becomes the man of the hour.
Photos: James W. Mataitis Bailey

The best possible version of ourselves.

To capture the best possible selfie, we don’t seem to spare any efforts or pains. We happily ignore friends during dinner to snap a quick picture of ourselves in a hot new restaurant or spend our well-deserved holiday downtime staging ourselves in the perfect light. None of this is really new – it has become a pervasive trend.

The selfie specialist.

Building on this premise: What if the pictures we took of ourselves actually affected our own look and image? What if a “must post” image made us more attractive in real life? Sounds great, right? But in the same vein, photographic misses would also leave not-so-subtle traces on our faces. No way! Well, if this should ever come to pass, don’t fret: There’s always Justin O’Shea – our self-proclaimed selfie specialist.

Not a problem.

Our new Fashion Creatives short takes a peek at this specialist’s work. His client, LA stylist and creative director Jayne Min, only wanted to show off her new brooch – everyday business, right? – but just a few moments later her entire life seems to be jinxed: Not only do all her selfies go wrong, but they also reshape her face.

Not a problem for Justin O’Shea. Or so he thinks. Stylish as always, he arrives in a yellow Mercedes-AMG G 63, carefully picked to match his tie. It’s just another case for him, until … well, see for yourself in the film above.

Mercedes-AMG G 63:
Fuel consumption combined: 13,8 l/100 km;
combined CO₂ emissions: 322 g/km.*

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