Fashion Creatives: Behind the Scenes of the NYC Production.

Fashion Creatives: behind the scenes of the NYC production.

Insights into the idea and concept that shape the short film by director Danny Sangra and The Man Repeller.
Text: Aldona Kwiatkowski

Subtle everyday situations.

London-based director Danny Sangra’s shorts are bound to put a smile – or grin – on your face. Not so much because they’re funny per se, but rather because they typically feature the type of dialogues and situations that most of us will be familiar with from our own personal histories. Just imagine the following situation: There you are, in a nearby park – replace with bar/train ride/waiting room, if required – when you suddenly spot the cool girl/guy you saw at last week’s party. Your mind goes into overdrive and the internal monologue commences. “Should I go up to them or would that make them think I’m a stalker?” Meanwhile, the object of your desire might be thinking, “Isn’t that the same person from last time… and here I am, looking like a mess again…”

London-based director Danny Sangra’s shorts are bound to put a smile – or grin – on your face.

Danny has an uncanny knack for capturing these subtle everyday situations and making us laugh in doing so, relieved to know we’re not the only ones these things happen to.

The filmmaker’s interviews and documentaries also play with the ostensibly insignificant moments that happen during every production but hardly ever make the final cut, landing (if at all) in the outtakes or making-of. But why not, actually? After all, it is precisely these insights that make an interview into what it’s supposed to be: an authentic and personal portrait. To set the scene, Danny tells blogger Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller , the first episode’s protagonist, about his approach for the new Mercedes-Benz Fashion Creatives video series. “The idea is for you to guide us through New York, to places you like to be. We’ll be following you with the hand-held camera, and every once in a while we’ll stop to ask you some interview questions.

Behind the Scenes of the NYC Production.

This is not about pretending that the camera isn’t there – you are free to let on that you’re being filmed. And when you’re talking, simply chat with us, you don’t have to address the audience.” Leandra nods. “Okay, sounds cool.”

The New Yorker charmed the film crew with easy-going spontaneity.

If you follow her blog or social media channels, you’ve probably guessed that this New Yorker – voted one of the 100 most creative people in business by Fast Company magazine – is no camera-shy wallflower, but she still manages to wow the team on set with her easy-going spontaneity. Poking fun at herself, she jokes about having written her memoires at the tender age of 24, and manages to mock the oftentimes artificial segues from one location to the next with a faux-innocent: “Oh, how did we get here all of a sudden?” Such quips are perfect for Danny and his film, and the two of them are a real dream team.

Watch the result of their collaboration here.

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