Fashion Creatives, Episode 2: The idea behind it all.

On storytelling on the net and the economics of attention.

Text: Aldona Kwiatkowski
Photos: Shelby Duncan

A new generation of filmmakers.

Previously dominated by portraits and reportage, online films have recently experienced a marked shift towards the short film format – a significant move that changes the way stories are told on the net.

One of the trend’s driving forces: More and more often, up-and-coming directors like Bo Mirosseni, the mind and scriptwriter behind the current Mercedes-Benz Fashion Creatives film “Who’s Going To Stop Me”, turn to the web to give their work a global platform. After all, the internet enables this latest generation of filmmakers to realise their stories and ideas relatively cheaply, with small teams (not least of all due to contemporary camera and editing technologies) and independent from film studios or large production companies – and thus allows them to reach a brand new audience.

The attention of users.

At the same time, their user base has also changed – and developed different expectations towards prevalent internet contents. Faced with a near infinite number of videos, photos and written contents, provided free of charge by a multitude of producers, they have become a lot more selective: Time is a limited resource and not all contents deserve our attention. “Do I care about this topic?

Who is behind this video? Will I learn something new? Will I be entertained?“ are just some of the questions we might ask ourselves within a split second; questions that determine whether we will continue watching – or even click on the clip at all. And if in doubt, we tend to rely on our network’s word-of-mouth.

The scope of storytelling.

In order to make an impact and difference – and to win the audience’s attention – more and more online content producers have discovered the power of short films. A fact underscored not only by the impressive number of new directors sharing their films on open video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo or the obvious user demand for innovative contents, but also the sheer wealth or different storytelling opportunities.

The second episode of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Creatives series explores this particular approach: How to tell a story on modern luxury and the Mercedes-Benz supported The New York Times International Luxury Conference in Miami that not only throws a spotlight on the subject at hand, but also takes its viewers by surprise. The resulting film, “Who’s Going To Stop Me” by Bo Mirosseni, also features guest stints by fashion blogger Kristina Bazan and Bang & Olufsen Creative Director Johannes Torpe – one of the conference’s key speakers.

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